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year title
2010 Elektra Luxx 0 Reviews
1998 Another Day in Paradise 8 Reviews

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Elektra Luxx (2010)
Another Day in Paradise (1998)
Movieman12 was written on August 12, 2010

Director's cut rough sex scene

Little known fact, he is actually very nude in this movie. On the flip side of the DVD (poorly labeled) is the Director's Cut. This has a fairly long scene that was cut for rating purposes in which he is given a bj - you see top of groin only. He is pulling her hair, at her request and then forces her down on the floor. Then in he is nude from the rear where the camera gets too up close an personal.

MarcioGore was written on December 23, 2011

Close on his ass (dvd only)

In the mid of the movie there's a scene that his character goes to floor make love with a girl!This is a great scene,he's on top and we can see his cute ass several times with close on it while he's moaning.This scene is very good!!!

Movieman12 was written on October 26, 2010

Very naked in directors cut

Due to the DVD's packaging and the DC version not being labeled (it is actually on the blank side of the DVD), this scene and others were widely overlooked. There is a cut scene of explicit sex (blowjob showing some pubic region) and some rough sex showing ass and more. It was removed by the rating's board and put back in for the DC. VKarth does get naked, you just didn't know it.

movieviewer was written on April 11, 1999

Teasing nudity; no real nudity

In the opening scene Vincent is lying completely naked on his back in bed. We get a close up of his pubic hair. But, while the camera shows his abdomen and chest, it doesn't look south. Too bad! There are a couple of scenes where Vincent is obviously nude under the covers but we never get to see the good stuff. And there are a couple of scenes where loose fitting blue jeans are the only thing that Vincent is wearing. We get to see his upper buns and his upper ass-crack but not a true rear nude shot. Nonetheless, these scenes are really sexy. Come on, Vincent - next time don't be bashful!

SDRoman was written on November 21, 2005

Director's Cut, butt

In the director's cut of the film, there is a scene with his character's girlfriend going down on him. He objects at first, then lets her. He rolls his eyes back, and you get a bird's-eye-view, with a shadow of pubic hair. The girl tells him to hit her, then becomes violent when he refuses. He becomes angry and throws her on the ground, quickly jumping on top of her. He then pretty much "rapes" her (which she applaudes), and we get several quick glimpses of his butt.

WickedCoolBoy was written on October 27, 2001

Deleted DVD Butt and Balls scene

While you only get hints of vinnie's sweet body in the actual movie, the dvd contains a scene where he and his girlfriend are having sex. He is completely nude, and shows off his beautiful ass. At one freeze frame you can see the bottom of his balls between his legs. Lots of chest and crack scenes throughout the movie too, but the DVD Butt shots are definitely worth a look!

abbafan2 was written on September 9, 2005

lying in bed

Vincent's penis can be seen in some versions of the movie when he is lying nude in bed. He lights the cigarette and the camera pans down so you can see his penis just before he gets up to put his pants on. It's average size and hard to tell if he's cut or not. This might be difficult for some to find.

vexodusr was written on June 21, 2005

Director's cut

The DVD offers the director's cut of the movie. One scene involves Vincent getting a blowjob from his girlfriend. She wants him to hit her, but after he refuses, she hits him instead. He throws her on the ground & starts nailing her. You get a couple of glimpses of his butt. Good shots, but they could be longer. The camera is moving a lot, too.

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