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John Quinn

Passion's Peak's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Rea, Renee 1 Review
Parent, Monique 0 Reviews
McConnell, Samantha 0 Reviews
McCarty, Kelli 2 Reviews
Lane, Devinn 1 Review
Edwards, Flower 0 Reviews

Passion's Peak's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Schnuit, Jason 1 Review
Logan, Paul 1 Review
Johnston, Bobby 1 Review
Guy, Sebastien 1 Review

nudity reviews for Passion's Peak member submitted

Renee Rea
b00bfan was written on March 28, 2006

Renee gets a guy on

Renee gets a guy on a bed and they do forplay for a little while. Once they finally get to sex it gets pretty hot. Shes got mediem boobs so its not very hot. She rides him reall hard by hopping on him while he lays down getting pleasured. The scene all together is average.

Monique Parent
Samantha McConnell
Kelli McCarty
bluepepper was written on November 8, 2001

Some of her best work

Four simulated sex scenes all with full nudity. Two are especially worth seeing: one is an extended shower sequence where she masturbates, the other is a rip-roaring two-some with Bobby Johnston. These two scenes are two of the best among the many she's done in her soft-core career.

duckem was written on October 20, 2001

love scenes, masturbating in shower

The former Miss USA has several simulated love scenes showing all her goodies, the first at the 10 minute mark. She aslo has a good masturbation scene in the shower.

Devinn Lane
b00bfan was written on March 28, 2006

sex on the beach

Devinn at first is laying on a beach with a guy by a fire then she straddles him snd they begin to have sex. You get great veiws of her awesome boobs. She is even generous enough to let the guy squeeze them throughout most of the scene. The scene is a little short but its still worth the watch.

Flower Edwards
Jason Schnuit
GDH was written on April 14, 2007


Schnuit (credited as 'David Veleo') sports a nicely-toned body in this. His first sex scene, with Samantha McConnell, provides a quick view of his backside; but there are far better views of it later on in a fireside sex scene with Monique Parent (credited as Scarlet Johansing).

Paul Logan
GDH was written on April 14, 2007


Logan's Greek God-like body is on display in three sex scenes: first with Devinn Lane; then almost immediately after in a rather ethereal effort with Kelly McCarty; and then a bath-set one with Lane. All three include quick but enticing views of his muscular bum.

Bobby Johnston
GDH was written on April 14, 2007


Johnston's bum is seen briefly during an al fresco sex scene with Kelly McCarty. A later scene with McCarty features bare hips only.

Sebastien Guy
GDH was written on April 14, 2007


Sexy Seb's slim buttocks are seen during a stand-up sex scene with Flower Edwards. Later, when he shares a beach sex scene with Devinn Lane, we see his bare hips only - but being Guy, it's still pretty erotic.

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