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Beaton, Stephanie 2 Reviews

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Knowlton, Robert A. 1 Review
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Tracy Turner
soulman was written on December 23, 2002

2 Scenes.

Turner has 2 good scenes which Chicago reviews in great detail. The women in this movie aren't exactly babes but I find her doable and her expression during the scene bumps the rating to ****.

Chicago was written on December 21, 2002

2 scenes in 1st 30 min.

At :10:20-:13:40, an Andrew Dice Clay wanna-be takes Tracy to the women’s bathroom, pulls down her dress top (largish breasts with smooth areola), quickly pulls it off and rips off her panties, giving a full frontal shot of her. After a brief look the guy dives into her clean-shaven pubis (lips seen briefly) before he repeatedly spanks her ass. Tracy moves to take off his clothes, giving views of her arse before he aggressively (almost painfully) does her from behind while standing. At :24:15-:26:25, Tracy’s top comes off before there’s a quick cut to the two having sex with her on top…breasts and lower abdomen. He then does her from behind on their sides; her top leg is crossed-over, however, limiting views to her twins. All said, her body’s similar to Stephanie’s…she’s not a terribly attractive girl, and only moderately better than Stephanie.

Jane Smith
Chicago was written on December 21, 2002

1 shared cutaway scene

At :47-:51:15, Jane (dark hair here with pale skin) and a guy have a shared cutaway scene with Stephanie and a guy where Jane’s nudity is the primary focus. Her top comes off revealing her okay natural breasts, as he kisses and softly licks her left breast…close-ups of her hanging breasts as he caresses them from behind and does her doggie-style, then more of the same reverse-seated. Her pubes too are seen from a medium distance then closer as she grinds side to side and in a slow circle. 3 ½ *’s.

Nichole McAuley
Chicago was written on December 21, 2002

1 f/f/m scene

At 1:08:30-1:12:25, blonde Nichole has a f/f/m scene in a bubble bath with a guy and Devin where Nichole takes center stage—cutaways to Stephanie and a guy throughout. The scene begins with Devin motioning to Nichole to have her join her and a guy in a bubble bath. After getting undressed beside the tub, she moves to join the two of them…breasts with near indistinguishable areola and ass as the other two move to kiss her. Her wet ass is seen as she crawls on top of the guy before Devin drizzles champagne down her chest for the guy to lick off. The two then go at it doggie-style.

Maggie Louie
soulman was written on December 23, 2002

2 Scenes.

***1/2. I think Louie is kinda cute. Chicago's review details her scenes so I won.t try and add anything.

Chicago was written on December 21, 2002

2 scenes

I’m reasonably certain by process of elimination that the “18 year old blonde” that gets it on with the guy at :19:30-:23:15 is Maggie. In this scene while taking a bubble bath, a guy joins her (breasts with light pink areola above waterline), finds out she’s just above the magic 18 yr. old mark and starts to get it on with her. She sits on top of him and he kisses her left breast before she does him seated facing and reverse-seated…good close-ups of her breasts, ass and pubis, but her clean-shaven nether region is mostly below the water. At :33:40-:36:30, the blonde has a 3-way female scene with cutaways to a clothed orgy in a dimly lit room. Her breasts and ass are seen as the 3 of them go at it, with most of the focus being on the Asian and other Caucasian gal.

Devin DeVasquez
Chicago was written on December 21, 2002

2 scenes after the hour mark

Model and Playboy Playmate of the Month (June ’85) Devin is featured on the front of the movie box, leading you to believe she’d be on screen for more than 15 min., but that’s about what she delivers here. That said, her 15 min. were pretty well spent. At 1:03:10-1:05:45, Devin slips off her red silk lingerie revealing her breasts with long erect nipples and dark brown areola. The scene then has several cuts to the two doing each other in various positions (him simu-oraling, seated facing, reverse-seated, doggie-style, her on top, him from behind on their sides)…breasts, side ass and hint of pubes including some nice natural breast jiggling/bouncing amidst squealing and nice teeth clenching as she flails away on him before collapsing exhausted. At 1:07:45-1:12:25, she has a f/f/m scene in a bubble bath with a guy and Nichole Mcauly where Devin plays 2nd fiddle—cutaways to Stephanie and a guy throughout. The scene begins with her in the bubble bath with the guy (breasts above suds from medium distance) when she motions for Nichole to join them; when she does, the guy and Nichole go at it as Devin kisses Nichole from behind the guy before masturbating below the water behind the two of them…breasts only above the water.

Stephanie Beaton
soulman was written on December 23, 2002


Chicago's review on Beaton's scene are correct so I won't add anything. Even though I too find her fake boobs oddly shaped I do find her doable although she can use some acting lessons.

Chicago was written on December 21, 2002

3 scenes

At :02:10-:07:15, honey-haired, buxom Stephanie is lying on a bed alone with a scarf fantasizing and starting to pleasure herself when her man joins her…large, fake, very oddly-shaped breasts with large areola, ass and mediocre views of her pubis. Steph leans up to kiss the guy’s chest and helps take off his belt, which he then lightly moves over her breasts. The two go at it with him on top, seated facing (ass, breasts) and then with her on top giving better views including her honey-pubes. At :46:30-:49:30, Stephanie and a guy in a pool have a shared cutaway scene with Jane Smith and Steph’s man, where Steph’s nudity plays second fiddle. The scene begins with her breasts somewhat viewable through the pool water as the guy kisses her, and then moves to the two having sex on the step of the pool—breasts and side ass above water—as she jealously looks on supposedly to her man doing Jane. (Note…it helps the believability of the scene if the guy’s swim trunks weren’t still on!) At 1:09:45-1:13:20, Stephanie again has a shared cutaway scene where she opens with her being simu-oraled by a guy as Duggan looks on in his bathrobe next to them in bed…breasts only. She’s then seen on top of him, covering pubis, before they go at it facing; she switches up with Duggan as she goes reverse-seated then him on top of her. All said, she’s not a terribly attractive girl.

Robert A. Knowlton
Ozzie700 was written on December 31, 2002


Robert is very handsome, has nicely toned, dark-furred pecs, but most of the time manages to avoid any real nudity. Once, near the start of the movie, his jeans are pulled halway down during a hot sex scene and you can see the upper part of his muscled backside.

Mike Horner
Ozzie700 was written on December 31, 2002

Brief Rear

Balding Don is average-looking, not unattractive, but nothing fantastic. He and Daniel Anderson/Duggan Hayes take turns with the lead female, and as Don is plowing into her missionary style, you can see his not-bad rear end. Sadly, Daniel, who clearly has a much better body, never has any real nudity during the scene.

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