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Over the Wire's Sexy Actresses

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O'Brien, Shauna 3 Reviews
Hall, Landon 3 Reviews
Drew, Griffin 2 Reviews
Blair, Kimberly 2 Reviews

Over the Wire's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Lewis, Keith 1 Review
Christansen, David 1 Review
Abell, Tim 2 Reviews

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Shauna O'Brien
icebag2 was written on June 12, 2007

Sex scenes

She plays the “bad” sister. To say she is a hottie puts it mildly. Shauna doesn’t just radiate her sexuality, she drowns you in it. She has a tight figure, a marvelous ass, and breasts that are not the largest, but are perfectly matched to her slender frame. She has two sex scenes, one in bed with her sister’s boyfriend and another in a bathtub with the phone guy. It is the first scene in which she shows why she is so good in these movies. Wow!

zax1 was written on May 10, 2001

Hot and irresistable...

Shauna takes Landon's boyfriend. During the foreplay you can see her pubic hair and later during the sex. When he puts her on the bed she rolls to him and expose her nice butt. She starts riding and gives some wonderful noises. They turn around with him over and he gives what she screams. There are good closeups of her body and pubic hair. She gets taken from behind when the scene ends. In the last scene she takes the other guy Landon was with and has sex with him in the bathtub. Good angles and noises from Shauna, but the first one is better. She's a seductive beauty.

puckhead was written on April 20, 2001

screwing sister's boyfriend

brunette looks great in jeans, even better out of them. basic b-movie nude scene, LOTS of tit, lots of ass, a few glimpses of bush, but no lips. A bit disappointing on the female nudiy side. At some point, all three male leads' hammers are in view, but we get nothing more explicit than a few fleeting glances of bush from the females.

Landon Hall
espy was written on September 14, 1999

Flesh Throughout

Several excellent scenes throughout the movie. My favorite is early on with her and lover on the bed. Both slowly undress, much foreplay, and good sex. You pretty much see everything, breasts, ass, quick glimpeses of bush, and more breasts. Also, Shauna O'brien gives it up throughout. A definate must see for Landon Hall fans. Make sure you get the unrated version.

icebag2 was written on June 12, 2007

Sex scenes

She plays the “good” sister. She has two sex scenes, in which we get pretty good looks at her breasts and ass. Her breasts are so plastic it hurts. Not much there.

zax1 was written on May 10, 2001

Beautiful sex

Her first sex scene is very erotic with much foreplay. When all clothes are off they start to get close. There is a long sequence when you can watch her move her beautiful body back and forth as she rides. Her breasts are on display all the time and at two occasions you can see her butt. The scene ends with her getting taken from behind. The other scene is much better when she's naked the whole foreplay. When her co-star goes down between her legs you can see her pubic hair. When he lies down on her she lifts her body so you can see her butt and rolls over him. The sexpart is great when he sits on the edge of the bed with her sitting in his knee faced towards us. There are many closeups on her beautiful body, but their hands cover her hair. Very beautiful scenes.

Griffin Drew
icebag2 was written on June 12, 2007

Sex scene with bondage

In a movie that revolves around gratuitous sex, her sex scene takes the cake. She shows up at the police station to talk to her husband, a detective, and the dialog is so pointless, you end up screaming to the TV, “So take your clothes off and get down to it already!” When they do, we get good views of Griffin, who is always a treat. There is a nice lingering shot designed to show off her ass, a body part that many directors give short shrift to. Hers deserves the exposure. In the unrated version of the movie, her husband gags her with his tie and plows her from behind with her wrists handcuffed behind her back. Oh, yeah!

crazy was written on January 6, 2000

nude? - yes. good? - not in the least!

Sure enough Griffin Drew is again nude. Again, her wonderfull pussy is visable. But the scene is just to weird - strangling and choking? Bizarre stuff that only a die hard Drew fan would watch.

Kimberly Blair
Immy was written on July 24, 2005

Topless (0:01)

Kimberly appears right off the bat giving a lap in bra and panties to a guy. Her top comes off and her boobs are briefly seen but the tape I rented looks like an edited version (premature dissolves when the action gets good is always a giveaway). My guess is there's more shown in an unrated copy.

icebag2 was written on June 12, 2007

Sex scene

Kimberly starts off the movie by doing a lap dance during the opening credits that turns in to a good old shagging. Her breasts are quite attractive, medium-sized and real. Her ass is pretty fine, too. You could replay the credits over and over to look at her beautiful body and it wouldn’t get old.

Keith Lewis
MK88 was written on November 11, 2002

Butt a few time...and penis

We see alot of nudity on this guy....only i wish he was a bit better looking....he's still ok tho...clear shot of penis once.....and lots of butt

David Christansen
MK88 was written on November 11, 2002

Ample butt

Beautiful male, muscular and all....shows his butt pretty ample, he is hidden behind the girl many times. Undoubtably the best looking male in the show...but you see his balls as they're going into Landon Hall. This movie is certainly one of the best erotic thrillers....

Tim Abell
Bubblez was written on February 5, 2001

Two frontals and many rears!

Perfect penis! In the first scene a girl drops his pants as he lies on the bed. Than we see his thick long cock lying on his stomach. The second scene is better: He stands in front of a women and we get a nice CLOSEUP of his huge penis! Nice rear shots too! He's great. You have to watch this movie! Two frontals! But I don't know how the other actor is called.

FRuSTRaTeD was written on July 8, 2003

Everything-- clear and close

I've been looking for this one for ages and finally found a copy tonight. I was not let down.

The opening scene of the movie has a good male full frontal scene to start things off.

Tim Abell's character comes in early and is in the next sex scene of the film. In this, he is lying on a bed with the woman. She is of course naked first as goes the law of softcore movies. Then as the camera tilts down to Tim, he is seen to have his penis already half way out the top of his pants, resting across his stomach. The woman then removes his pants fully, slowly, and the whole time we see his dick (which already looks quite excited) lying there. The scene is quite a few seconds long, well-lit, clear, and close up. Tim's penis is very thick and long. No wonder he is not shy. He is circumcised, and looks to be on the verge of an erection.

Tim's next sex scene is also graphic and full frontal. Here he stands beside a bed and the woman unzips his pants and pulls them down nice and slowly. As his penis is revealed, it bounces a little out of his pants. You also get a descent look at his balls in this shot as well. As he steps out of his pants, his dick gives a little sway as well. He then grabs the woman and lifts her onto the bed, then straddles her to roll over the top onto the other side. As he does this, we see his balls hanging through his legs. A little later in the scene with the woman on top of him, you also see his soft penis and balls underneath her.

This has an incredible amount of clear male frontal nudity, and is worth searching for.

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