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Dinosaur Valley Girls' Sexy Actresses

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Spangler, Donna 1 Review
Drew, Griffin 2 Reviews
Ames, Denise 1 Review

Dinosaur Valley Girls' Sexy Actors

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Rector, Jeff 0 Reviews

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Donna Spangler
Immy was written on February 3, 2005

Topless several times

Playboy model Donna plays cave babe Mee-Shell and certainly has trouble keeping her furry bikini top on. The first time (0:08) we see her topless is in hero Jeff Rector's mind, where he envisions her dancing. Next (0:40 & 0:54) we see her topless running in slow motion with two other cavegirls in one of the caveman's dreams. Then (0:55 & 0:57) there's the cavegirl music video (!) where Donna dances topless a couple of times. Next (1:01) she removes her top to get down and dirty with Jeff, and finally (1:14) getting her top pulled off when the cavemen attack. Donna's got a hot sculpted bod but her enhanced tits are devoid of any jiggle. Still nice to look at though.

Griffin Drew
Immy was written on February 3, 2005

Topless a few times

Griffin plays Jeff Rector's present day bimbo girlfriend. We first see her breasts in bed with him (0:02). Next (0:04) is her best scene as she walks out of a swimming pool topless and stands there talking while drying off. She then disappears until the end (1:27) where we see her lounging topless again by the pool. Terrific daylight shots of her classic body.

crazy was written on January 6, 2000

Some brief breast shots by the pool

Drew plays the part of a horny girlfriend who finds that her lover is not in the mood. What? Come on! Any guy with an once of testosterone in him would do her in a second. Well, she flashes her tits a few times by the pool. The movie totally sucked. Prehistoric nonsense, lines so stupid it isn't funny, and lack of point made me fast forward through most of it. This movie was hard to find so when I did finally watch it this last summer I so disappointed.

Denise Ames
Immy was written on February 3, 2005

Topless and almost butt

You gotta love these silly cavegirl bimbo movies. Contempo Hollywood guy Jeff Rector finds himself flung back to prehistoric times where he encounters cave babe Denise. He rescues her (0:25) after she's been knocked over by a dinosaur and she loses her fur bikini top. Brief flashes of boob during this. Later (0:46) she and Jeff have an intimate cave encounter. She unties her top and we get a good look at her boobs, though it could have been shot closer. As she lays nude under him we get peeks at her butt when the camera pans from head to toe. A beautiful girl with an incredibly sexy smile and nice perky tits.

Jeff Rector

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