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Ross Thomas
Mattg was written on July 26, 2008

Cute bubble butt in shower

Ross Thomas is very cute and he shows his ass in one lovely shower scene, where the female lead spies on him (before discovering he's not alone in the shower.) First we only see one cheek but later the camera turns to give a fairly decent full-on view of his bubble butt. Very satisfying, if not brief.

D666D was written on March 29, 2006

Shower Scene- Hot, Wet Ass

About halfway through this OK film, we get to see this hot actor in the shower for a reasonable length of time. He has such a hot ass! It's made all the better by being soapy wet :-) Hope we get to see more of this cutie, heopfully in a full frontal!

Electrix was written on January 31, 2007

shirtless - butt scene

Ross appears in 4-5 scenes shirtless in the movie, showing your beautiful body!!! He's muscular and a little bit hotty!!!
The best scene is near of the end when he is taking a bath and we have a lot of good takes of his butt (10 sec) wet and muscular!! He's not the best and handsone actor but it's worth to see this movie because of him.

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