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Kay Lenz
taurus was written on October 7, 2006

Four scenes

At :01 a breast side shot as she sits up in bed, then a butt shot in panties [skinny butt warning]. At :29 nice frontal on the tits as she strips for a shower. At :59 a brief tit shot as reclines on her back for sex. Funny how those big softies disappear when they are on their back. At 1:17 nice frontal and bare butt in somewhat low light as she strips for sex.

MrKeithTalent was written on September 28, 1999

young flesh

She plays a young hippy drifter taken in by old fart William Holden. Highlights are her shiny butt as she gets out of bed. Her lovely bouncy young boobs as she disrobes for a shower. More boobs, and a nice but dark side view of her boobs and curlies as she seduces Holden. The old codger never had it so good.

movienudity was written on March 26, 2001

hippy chick

kay lenz stars in this early 70's love story for the may-december set. there are a few topless scenes in the movie including her in the shower and later on, a fantastic medium close-up of her awesome very perky and pointy breasts as she makes love to the older gentleman. one of the best set of breasts i've ever seen! the scene is not that long, though, and with no full frontal, i give this scene three stars!

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