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Erika Anderson
dvddish was written on March 15, 2003

ass and boobs

you see it all through out the movie

apunkachoice was written on June 7, 2005


Erika has the best conical shaped boobs ever seen. Wonder when those cones will get filled with ice cream???

BouncyTits was written on April 13, 2001

THE reason to watch "Zandalee"

Zandalee the movie is awful, but Zandalee the character is awfully hot. Erika Anderson shows off her wonderfully fit body throughout much of this movie, which is the only reason to watch it. There's some high-profile actors in this film, but this remains the unknown credit in most of their filmographies. Now, Erika Anderson never made a huge career, which means that she has nothing to lose in showing off her assets. So she does show off her assets again and again. Here's what I think is a complete rundown. In the opening sequence, after a shot of the town we see our leading lady watering plants outside. She comes inside and nonchalantly removes her robe to reveal her huge breasts. This is a way of letting the audience know what they're in for: there's gonna be a lot of nudity throughout, so get ready for the ride. There's some bush seen as the lovely Ms. Anderson dances on the bed letting her large titties bounce. This most likely will get you hard and it distracts her husband who is trying to shave and prepare for his day.
Zandalee goes running in a hot little number, a tight tank top and short shorts. She later gets nude and wants to go at it with her husband, who is having problems down there. She is naked and offers her ass for sex, but the husband is not 'up' to the challenge. She then goes on to talk (not very intelligently) but she then proceeds to masturbate. Yes, she puts her hand between her legs and fingers herself which ticks off her husband but is sure to turn on the audience.
Zandalee then gets involved with her husband's friend. Scenes include having sex in the rain, with an erotic shot of her panties coming down. Then with her husband and her lover's girlfriend in the next room, they go at it on top of the washing machine. Very hot and some arousing (if not brain-numbing) dialogue. They also have graphic sex in her lover's studio apartment. There's also a scene involving drugs and her consumating her infidelity. Again very hot. Also a scene in which her lover takes his finger of blue paint and runs it down the center of her body all the way down until the top of her fringe, when the camera stops. Well done. Then there's a scene on the side of the lake when she shows off her huge breasts to her husband and more graphic sex continues.
Overall, Ms. Anderson's beautiful sexy body is on display for the majority of this movie which makes it worth viewing on a lonely night. Not enough butt is shown, and I would have loved an oral sex scene (especially a graphic one) but I guess they couldn't show Erika giving head. In any event, it's a shame that she didn't make more movies because she has a terrific body (and she certainly makes that known throughout "Zandalee"). I gave it four stars because she really is amazing to look at and there's enough stuff for everybody, plus some more female nudity here and there from strippers. Take a look at it.

number8 was written on February 23, 2001


Erika Anderson is a very beautiful woman (model-like in my opinion). There are at least five nude scenes featuring her gorgerous body. Most of her making love of course. There are also some sex scenes in which Erika didn't take any clothes off, but still very hot nevertheless. Of course, the movie is rather boring, so fast-forward it.

Winchester was written on December 15, 1999

One of the best of all time!

Gee! I can't get enough of her... I've seen this movie hundreds of times and i'm still not getting tired of her. She has a great centerfold-aliked body and you can enjoy seeing her nude since the first minutes of the movie, when she takes away her dress and begins to dance totally naked over her bed, great full frontal shot (the camera focuses in her bush which is reflexed in a mirror)... but this is just the beginning; later will come some good sex scenes with Reinhold and Cage; her entire body (even between her legs) is visible in every angle and the lovemakin' performances are pretty audacious. What are you waitin' for? Go and check it out! NOW... (the unrated version, think...)

[email protected] was written on October 28, 1998

oh boy!

Well the R-rated version is nice with Anderson, Nick Cage, and Judge ReinholdThe unrated version is even better!Erika shows us her ass, her pubes, and her top. Never has either looked better thanon this lovely brunette. Nick is a lucky man, he gets to put his hand on her ass several timesand once mixes cocaine and Ms. Anderson's pussy. Of course he also fondles her breasts, but thatsa given. Great nude scenes and raunchy sex scenes. Anderson has one of the finest bodies around . Her ass ranks in the top 5, as does her pussy hair. A must see!

boba was written on April 26, 2001


This one's got some great moments. He takes cocaine on his fingers and runs them over her perfect ass and down into her hole. She reacts with passion and pain. Later, he gets to mount her between her legs pumping away with ferocity. This is hardcore, looks real. She holds onto him for dear life as he abuses her, jamming himself into her repeatedly, while she screams in pain.

appu was written on March 13, 2001

Nude throughout the movie

Erika is a beautiful & extremely sexy gorgeous babe. She has shown her voluptuous body throughout the movie. In the very beginning of the movie, she takes her gown off to reveal her sexy breasts. Then she dances on the bed with a cloth with her beauties showing. When her husband pops out of the bathroom, we get to see ber thick bush for a sec in the mirror. Her bush is visible again when they are 'trying' to have sex. It's dark but we can see her bush. We clearly see her delicious boobs with those rosy nipples in the scene for a decent time. She & Nicolas have some wild sex later several times. Once Cage paints her tits after the sex, & the camera is completely focussed on Erika's tits & those lovely nipples. However, my fav nude scene was the scene towards the end of the film, when Erika & her husband are alone at seaside & Erika's breasts are covered by just a small piece of clothing. She removes that too when he says she is looking very beautiful to once again reveal her voluptuous breasts & delicious nipples, & then lies down in the open in full daylight much to our delight. Then she finally has sex with her husband, but we don't get to see anything. The only thing missing in the movie on Erika's part was butt shots (in the version I saw), but her delicious tits & pink nipples made up for it. Even in the scenes Erika has clothes on, she looks very hot. Don't know why there are not too many movies of her, she acts well & certainly has one of the best bodies around.

voyeur was written on March 1, 2002

Dancing on the bed

There is more promise than delivery in this movie. She flounces around a lot, but there really aren't all that many clear shots. The one time you can clearly see her bush, it is in the mirro while she is on a bed ten feet away. She has a pretty neat figure, but nothing extraordinary. On the other hand, she does exude a raw sensuality, which is maybe what makes people think they have seen more than they have actually been shown.

Bushfan555 was written on November 29, 2005


This girl is so hot - you have to find the uncut version, which is really hard to find, but the clips exist. Don't be fooled on Amazon by people claiming to sell the uncut version if the price seems too cheap (I've seen it around $100 for the real one). There's really only one major difference, and it's the first nude scene. But it's a big difference. The uncut vesion shows her bush earlier, just a few seconds after she takes off her bathrobe, and then it shows it more while she's dancing around the room and on the bed. The regular version only shows bush in the first scene at the end, when she shows it off for Nic Cage. Her body is INCREDIBLE. Her face is ADORABLE. Her pussy is PERFECT.

Cyclone was written on February 10, 2000

Full nudity

Erika has several nude scenes, and we get many good and sometimes long looks at her breasts, butt, and bush. I don't love her quite as much as the other reviewers, but she's certainly a fine looking woman who isn't shy about showing her considerable assets.

axl was written on September 21, 1999

this movie rules..

Everything is great about the movie.You don't even have to care what it's about.Erika Anderson is absolutelly beautiful.She's fully nude almost throughout the movie and the sex scenes are great.If you haven't seen this go get it.I saw this years ago and still can't get over this woman.If I could have rated higher than four stars I would have.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Erika Anderson1

Erika Anderson dancing around a bedroom completely naked, giving us some nice looks at her breasts and bush as she bounces around and jumps on the bed with a blanket.

celebsoops was written on October 14, 2013

Erika Anderson2

Erika Anderson removing her dress to go nude, her great breasts and bush on display as a guy gets on top of her to have sex, and then she offers herself to him on all fours.

Judge Reinhold
murray was written on September 20, 1998

bedroom scene

Decidedly unimpressive, though not revolting. Apparently the European version showed his dick too, but only fans of Reinhold or Nicholas Cage (who also shows ass) should rent this one.

Nicolas Cage
bmg was written on January 2, 2000

Frontal in kitchen

As he walks from the refrigerator, he turns toward the camera and you can definitely see a large portion of his penis at the very bottom of the screen. It must extend quite a ways down if it still got cut off.

dvddish was written on March 15, 2003

nice ass shot

you see it for awile

MonkD was written on August 3, 2000

Cage-Anderson sex scene

A very hot scene as big Nic Cage absolutely nails Erika Anderson. We see a side view of Cage's butt as he furiously fucks Anderson with all he's got. Anderson, with her legs spread wide, moans with delight as Cage thrusts his big Italian manmeat deep inside her. Cage grunts and groans loudly as he humps and pumps away, Anderson caressing his muscular torso. Cage looks studly with his long hair,goatee and muscular body. This is from the R-rated version.

moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



SGMUSUK was written on July 20, 2001

Good Ass Shot

As Nicolas Cage Is Having Sex You Get To See His Ass For Quite A long Time, Very Good

moviestuff was written on July 30, 2003


you see his big ass and some balls

smc26 was written on July 4, 1999

Making love and walking around kitchen

There are two good scenes with Cage in this movie - and quite unexpected; I never thought he was the type of actor to do scenes like this. In the first scene you see Cage making love to woman on the floor - and very furiously at that. The second shot is in the european version only - he is opening the door of the fridge and you get to see the top of his pubes and ass. Very nice indeed. His ass especially; he is a very well built actor! Don't miss this one!

BobH was written on September 8, 1998

Passionate Sex between Zandalee and Nick

Although the sexual intensity is quite hot and passionate, Nicholas doesn't expose himself in this flick. Judd Hirsch on the other hand does in the director's uncut version.

murray was written on September 22, 1998

sex scene

Cage is furiously making love on top of a woman. Hot scene and his ass looks good. The movie's an incredible stinker though.

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