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2003 Brown Bunny, The 6 Reviews
1999 Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby 1 Review

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Brown Bunny, The (2003)
VincentD1979 was written on September 17, 2004

Blowjob scene, penis and scrotum visible

Very pretty scene involving full oral sex. The actress is really inserting Gallo's penis into her mouth. The camera focuses on Gallo's penis from the side and the audience can see the entire shaft and bulbous head. The wetness of saliva from the acresses' mouth coats the penis and adds to the realism of the scene. No ejaculation is seen. The penis is about five to six inches in lenght, about an inch in diapeter and is dark in colour. Gallo is circumsized, and his head is fully visible and carries a purplish hue.

drhazelkorn was written on April 13, 2005

Gallo Pumping

Although there was no actual nudity in this scene, I thought the best (and most erotic) part of the movie occurred when Vincent Gallo was shown pumping gas near the beginning of the film. The action was filmed in real time (3 min, 14 sec), and it was artistically stunning. Holding the gas pump (an obvious phallic symbol) near his waist the whole time, Gallo displayed a superb but subtle sexual metaphor. And that, my friends, is more erotic than any trashy porn that leaves nothing to the imagination.

WickedBoi was written on July 10, 2003

Getting his huge hard-on sucked!

I was one of the lucky few who caught the original Cannes screening of this already notorious film, and I can tell you it’s well worth watching for the final blowjob scene.
It is hot hot hot - not only because they did it for real, but because Vincent Gallo has THE biggest cock I’ve ever seen outside of hardcore porn. The guy’s size truly has to be seen to be believed: he is massive. Gallo’s cock is very long, extremely thick, really VEINY and very flared-out at the tip - he has a huge purple mushroom head. It looked maybe 10 inches.

There was some gossip that he probably used a prosthetic, but both he and his co-star Chloe Sevigny strongly denied it. Besides, you can clearly tell from the film that it is 100% the real thing (certainly no rubbery-looking fake like the ones in Boogie Nights, Sitcom or Chopper). After the screening everyone in the crowd was like, “Did you see the size of Gallo’s dong?” Definitely try to catch The Brown Bunny if you can.

doucher was written on January 25, 2005

gallo's size

This is to correct WickedBoi, who seems to have a personal bond with Gallo's schlong. VincentD1979 was right, its about 6 inches, the average male size. Beer can girth and 10 inch length are just that "boi's" wishful thinking.

DariusTheWolfman was written on September 29, 2005

Classic blowjob scene

Surprised not to see more enthusiastic reviews here for Gallo's full-frontal erection scene, given his enthusiastic gay fanbase! The notorious real-time blowjob is a good sexy scene and Chloe gives good head, even mouthing Gallo's 'bulge' through his jeans first. Gallo sure is well hung – he has a long, very thick, solid, meaty dick that would be very satisfying to suck on. It’s quite smooth, not too veiny, but it’s a very masculine-looking cock, with a fat shaft, a slight upwards curve and a bulbous purple head. Three or four good close-up dick shots, a lot of cock-sliding-into-mouth action, a whimpering orgasm but no cumshot. Great value though! Way to go Vinnie, you're the man.

WickedBoi was written on October 9, 2004

Gallo's size

I just wanted to make a correction to the review posted below by VincentD. Sorry man, it's a good informative review, but there's just no way that Gallo's cock is about five or six inches long. His schlong is bloody huge, truly massive. I really think my estimate of 10 inches is closer, and that goes for anyone else who's seen the movie too and been blown away by Gallo's cock length and beer-can-thick girth. He's gotta be easily one of the best hung actors in Hollywood.

Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby (1999)
BiBoySTL was written on November 3, 1999

Long penis, obviously Vince here needed a devise to operate the illusion.

There is a scene at the end, where Sister Gomez (Gallo) turns out to be a well-endowed cannibal/child pornography distributer, and you see the penis on view, but too fake to be real.

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