soulman was written on September 14, 2003

Starting Yahoo Group For Fans.

Since there's no offical message board on this site I've started a Yahoo Group page called Fans Of CNDB. The URL is Questions on the location of certain films, video and DVDs welcome. Posting and uploading of images and vidclips also welcome. You're also welcome to vent (within reason, of course). Hope this help the message board problem.

Holly Sampson in Dead Sexy (2001)
soulman was written on September 12, 2003

Opening Scene.

Chicago's review is pretty accurate. This girl has a nice slim bod. Nice small tits. Nice nips too.

Charlotte Rampling in Swimming Pool (2003)
soulman was written on September 9, 2003


The previous reviewer must be kidding. All woman should look this good at 58. I always thought Rampling was sexy in her younger days but I didn't except her body to still look this good. She flashes her tits to distract the caretaker. When he goes to her room you get a great frontal as she's seen lying on the bed on her back. She just has this one scene. Additional scenes would've earned another *.

Ludivine Sagnier in Swimming Pool (2003)
soulman was written on September 9, 2003

Nice Tits.

Sagnier doesn't rate a **** on this one (more like a ***1/2). She has some sweet looking tits that she shows on various occasions including a skinny dipping, sunbathing and walking arround topless. More butt and patch shots would've earned an extra *.

April Flowers in Man Apart, A (2003)
soulman was written on September 7, 2003

Brief Tits & Thong Booty.

Espen (aka XXX actress April Summers) has a brief scsne as a stripper who approaches Vin Diesel for a lapdance. You get a brief front view of her tits follwed a briefer side shot of her tits and nips and follwed by an even briefer thong booty shot.

Elizabeth Berkley in Any Given Sunday (1999)
soulman was written on September 3, 2003

Brief Tits.

You get a brief shot of Berkley's tits during a bedroom scene with Al Pacino.

Gabrielle Union in Cradle 2 the Grave (2003)
soulman was written on September 1, 2003

Body Double Alert!

Union (BAD BOYS II) is cute as hell. During the 54 munite mark of the DVD she's doing a striptease as a distraction. She strips down to her undies with a bra that's too small. When she removes her bra her back is to the camera and you just get a side view of her right tit (by this time it's pretty obvious you're looking at a body double). Major disappointment. Another example of how black female nudity in recent Hollywood studio films suck.

Chloe Hunter in Spun (2002)
soulman was written on August 18, 2003

Could've Rated A ****.

Although Hunter is is nude in all of her scenes someone had the bright idea to censor everything below her waist (she has very nice, natural tits though) . The DVD copy I saw was rented from Cockbuster which may explain the censors. The blocks ruin what surely could have been a solid **** moment. Too bad. Maybe there's an uncensored version out there somewhere.

Odessa Munroe in Final Destination 2 (2003)
soulman was written on August 2, 2003

Tit Flash.

During the first part of the movie she's riding on the back of a motorcycle and she flashes her tit. Her tits are fake but nice with nice nips.

Juliette Lewis in Picture Claire (2001)
soulman was written on July 9, 2003

Brief SideTit.

Lewis' scene takes place near the end of the film. She's sitting on the side of the bed putting on a pair of stockings wearing only panties. You get a brief side view of her nice little tits. For Lewis fans only.

Camilla Rutherford in Picture Claire (2001)
soulman was written on July 9, 2003

Full Frontal.

You see Rutherford walk out on the patio completely starkers for about 30 seconds. She has a nice little bod on her. Though not that attractive I definitely would'nt kick her out of bed.

Sarah Deakins in Unsaid, The (2001)
soulman was written on July 9, 2003

Brief Tit Shots.

Deakins's scenes are a series of flashbacks that shows her topless once when her robe pops open as Sam Bottoms smacks her around and another as she's putting on her robe. But mostly it's of her shown dead and bloodied.

Diane Franklin in Last American Virgin, The (1982)
soulman was written on July 5, 2003

Tits & Brief Top Of Patch Shot.

It's been quite a number of years since I last saw this movie. I'm glad I came a across it on MAX because Franklin is a real cutie who gives us a couple of decent tit shots in her first scene and a better shot of her tits and a brief shot of her patch as she's getting ready for an abortion. If I remember correctly she has a brief moment in AMITYVILLE II but I hear she has better moment in SECOND TIME LUCKY (which is unfortunatly not in print but I'll be keeping an eye out for it)She's just too cute for words.

Louisa Moritz in Last American Virgin, The (1982)
soulman was written on July 5, 2003

Tits & Ass.

In this movie Moritz falls into the "wouldn't kick her out of bed" catagory. She has a couple of great tit shot and one decent shoy of her ass. Not great by a long shot but not bad either.

Tessa Richarde in Last American Virgin, The (1982)
soulman was written on July 5, 2003


Richarde is another cutie who shows her tits when she walks in topless when her friends are busted by parents. Nice tits.

soulman was written on June 3, 2003

Here's My 2 Cents.

I agree with the others who says that nude means NUDE as far as reviewing actors/atresses on this site. I expect this sort of violation from the junior reviewers (I've been guilty of that myself especially in my review of Chingmy Yau's performance in NAKED KILLER which barely rated * instead of the **** I originally gave it) but senior reviewers should know better. There are reviewers who are constanly abuse this site with their lame non-nude non-comments rating actress who don't appear nude but are included "because they're so hot". Chazz's guidelines on what constitutes entry on this site are right on the mark. If readers want to find out a more specific level of nudity by an actor/actress will find Mr Skin to a very valuable site. Please help keep this site limited to nude scenes only and don't waste space on this site with useless non-reviews.

Patrice Ablack in Return of Superfly, The (1990)
soulman was written on May 28, 2003

Nice Tit Shot.

Ablack's scene is a pretty decent shot of her nice tits when she opens the shower door holding a gun. You get a look at them for a good minute. Nice nips too.

Lisa Joliffe-Andoh in Return of Superfly, The (1990)
soulman was written on May 28, 2003

Sweet Bootay.

What an ass on this girl. During the first part of this dreadful SUPERFLY sequel you get a great overhead shot of Joliff's juicy ass while getting it on with the lucky bastard playing her boyfriend.

Nicole Kidman in Dogville (2003)
soulman was written on May 25, 2003

How Reviewing A Movie You've Actually Seen?

How about it, huh?

Alena Cihalikova in XXX (2002)
soulman was written on May 9, 2003

Extended Thong Booty Dance (DVD Deleted Scene)

Cihalikova does a very seductive thong booty pole dance for Vin Diesel which lasts about a minute in the final cut (chapter 15 on DVD) but is extended to 2 minutes in the disc's deleted scene section. She wiggles her tight ass to him on a couple of occasions and even raises it up when she climbs onto the bed. In the audio commentary director Rob Cohen said he had to trim the scene because he wanted to avoid an R rating and felt it was a bit much for a PG-13 rating but included it in the DVD as a "treat".

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