Janet Leigh in Psycho (1998)
rbelkin was written on October 27, 2006

The Mythical Nipple - Perhaps By the Gravelly Road ...

okay, here's the frame by frame blow by blow of the most likely section:

I did not go over the entire sequence - just the part where the camera moves in closer - @13 seconds of the stabbing.

Of course, in real time, there's no way to catch everything so this from a file on my computer going frame by frame. There is an establishing shot from above where on the left side of the screen is "psycho mother" and Janet Leigh "looking" completely nude is on the right side in the shower.

She has her right hand is blocking both breasts and her left hand is on psycho's wrist area as the psycho begins making stabbing motions (@3 seconds). The knife is actually not even in frame (presumably above the frame line).

Closer in - it suddenly gets all blurry: we see a knife blade on the left side of the screen - Janet's arm is extended pushing away the psycho's arm - her right hand & arm is still blocking her breasts. in the next @8 seconds, she blocks and eventually grabs the psycho's right arm - during this time, they tussle, janet is pushing and moving slightly away -the psycho is thrusting the knife - though at this point , it's just a downward trajectory and frankly, quite far from Janet's actual body. During this whole time - she is also turning, twisting to both block her breasts and fight off the psycho. The scene is blurry and nothing is conclusive - here are some thing to note:

At the 6 second mark of this scene, we should be able to see her right nipple as we can see space between her right arm and her chest area - what do we really - nothing really. This could be the top of the tube top body suit as there is sort of a slightly dark line across the mid point of her right breast.

At the 7 second mark, there is the closest approximation to a nipple, as she lifts her right arm and twists slightly, there is a slightly darker spot and we can detect a slight bouncing up *& down of her breast. If you presume it is her nipple, you could argue the body suit is presumably a lightweight semi see through material and now that she's been standing in water for hours, her nipple is ever so slightly darker than the rest of her breast. You could just as easily argue that Al Hitchcock said they're at an angle where nothing can be seen (cough, cough) and it's really her nipple blurred ... but really, it's like watching a fight from a mile away - your mind might be filling in blanks when it's something else ... this is probably the "nipple" some people see ... whether there is an "un-blurred" negative (adding the blurred optics later) ... or not is anyone's guess - maybe Bob Crane had it :-)

At the 10 second mark of this scene, a shadow line that is straight is more prominent lending credence to the body suit theory - as the frames go by, evidence mounts of a body suit because when she moves her right arm, the shadow does not change as if it's fabric against her chest. Again, blurry and guessing.

At the 11 second mark, there is a cut and the camera view is next to her right breast. Within that next second, she turns away from camera and what looks like a pasty moves with her against the right side of her right breast. The scene is 2-seconds long and eventually, she turns her back to us.

At the 13 second mark, we cut back to the the "Closer In' scene from before - except it's "un-blurred," while she is still fending off with her left hand, her right hand is tightly pressed against her chest - for a few fleeting frames, we see a what seems like a darker material against her breasts and her mid chest area so it might be more of a pasty bikini - as she jostled in the next 4 seconds, we get intermittent frames to guess at - until the HD version comes out, it's pretty much the Zapruder film of nudity.

Beverly Lynne in Vinyl Dolls (2002)
rbelkin was written on October 27, 2006

Always Nice - Beverly Always Give It Her All

Sexy scene - the guy runs his hands across her chest and nipples, she begins to strip, he takes off her top - camera slow pans down her body a couple times as he pulls off her panties - he gets down between her legs - scene cuts back to her on top of bouncing up & down a bit focused on her natural breasts - they finish up. About a three minute sequence.

Beverly Lynne in Bare Sex (2003)
rbelkin was written on October 27, 2006

Bland Nudity

Her scenes are pretty much in one section of the film - she is topless by the pool but goes off with her boyfriend to the cabana. They kiss, she takes off her bikini bottom, a long linger on her backside - then while standing, he buries his back between her legs so you get a sideview of her ass and her breasts - after a minute or so, he mounts her from behind - they switch to her sitting on him - another minute of her bouncing up & down - then she walks back completely, you see a little tuft of pubic hair.

She sits with her legs crossed - still topless. Not that interesting for Ms. Lynne as she does her best work when she's moaning ... Two other girls are also by the pool, the completely nude one (sorry, didn't catch her name but she has nice natural b-cups, you get a glimpse of her pubic region as she gets up, walks across and she and Beverly Lynn kiss for a solid :30 seconds - though no other touching).

Then later in the cabana, she has sex with the tattoed guy, she's on a bench laying prone. He spend the first 30-seconds licking and sucking on her breasts - then goes between her legs. He kneels and pulls her up - showing off her pubes - though clearly he's not really penetrating her - they simulate sex for a few minutes - the camera mostly featured on her. Then she sits on his lap - another minute of bouncing up & down.

This film is pretty ineptly directed - nudity but bland nudity and sex scenes seemingly in a rush to finish, not much real interaction and if you loath the skinny Lynne - then you might want to pass on this one.

Dita Von Teese in Naked & Naughty (1800)
rbelkin was written on October 25, 2006

My Review From Starz Airing

My reviews are from the airing on Starz, it seems to be a straight to DVD from Vivid. I cannot tell from the running time if the DVD is longer or offers more nudity or X-rated material.

Fiona Gubelmann in Employee of the Month (2004)
rbelkin was written on October 25, 2006

Dizzying Strip Club Scene Along with Dizzying Breasts

One of the leads in the movie buys a literal spin with her in a strip club. She unleashes her impressive perk C-cups, straddles him (and essentially the camera as the POV) and while talking up a storm offers us close ups of her breasts for several minutes, they do tend to go in and out of frame but she does give them a nice squeeze at one point and at the end, hops off and bends over - followed with a tight shot of her pulling up her bra, and then her backside in see-through panties riding up on her as she walks away.

NOTE: The movie is not that great and this is NOT the Jessica Simpson comedy with the same title that came out in 2006.

Gina Gershon in This World Then the Fireworks (1997)
rbelkin was written on October 25, 2006

Short But Close Up Shot - Better Viewing on a Computer

For some fetish fans, they might even enjoy the scene more because the scene opens with Gina sleeping and sucking her thumb (she's probably around 35-years old at the time).

The opening shot is a medium shot and you probably need to crank on the brightness but the camera angle changes to a close-in shot of her upper torso as she turns* - her right breast & nipple is clearly revealed - she makes no effort to cover up, holding her hands up near her neck. She actually settles in the bed to get more comfortable before finally her "brother" after conversing a bit, he finally pulls on her teddy strap and covers her up. Then he rests his hands on her right breast before finally stroking the right breast but we don't really see anything as they start to kiss - the scene cuts away.

Laura Linney in P.S. (2004)
rbelkin was written on October 25, 2006

Might Be Record For Longest Most Revealing Non Nudity

Linney is an instructor at a college and she decides to take one of her students home - maybe because Topper Grace (70's Show) is probably 30 but looks 17, they shyed away from actual nudity but it's worth seeing if you're a fan of Laura Linney for her blouse along

In her office, she is wearing a pink dress that offers a lot of cleavage - of course, most dresses would have trouble covering up Laura Linney :-)

She takes the kid home and offers him some wine. While seated, her dress becomes much more revealing offering up nearly 50% of both her slightly hanging breasts (though no nipples). He touches her and then she climbs on top of him - interstingly enough, as aple as she is, her skin between her breasts turn red (you can read what you will into that :-) Eventually, she mounts him in a seated position - but he doesn't even grope her breasts nor does she take off her dress - guess the budget didn't provide for that ... eventually she puts her thong back on - revealing the side of her ass & her upper thigh - then she begins to change - she pulls a skirt (no add'l ass shot) and she reveals her industry-strength bra that manages to hold both her breasts in place - we get a side view and the scene eventually cuts away.

So, yes ultimately a tease - about a 6-minute sequence of her in a sexy dress and her breasts nearly managing to fall out. If you're a fan and don't mind the frustration - you can pop in another of her movies right afterwards - then you'll want to see this scene. If you're not a fan - then skip it - since it's the most amount of nudity without any actual nudity ...

Véra Clouzot in Wages of Fear, The (1953)
rbelkin was written on October 24, 2006

Brief But Naughty & Very Sexy for 1953

Véra is sponging the floor of a dive bar in some dusty town. A guy she is sweet on is sitting by the door and upon seeing him, she crawls over to him, her breasts swinging freely as we look down her blouse. As she moves closer to let him run his hands over her hair and face, her left breast swings freely and you catch her nipple swinging along (just for a few frames) - wouldn'tbe much in a film of today but for 1953, very sexy and one of the best thrillers of b&w cinema.

Cristi Conaway in The Single Guy (1995)
rbelkin was written on October 24, 2006

Entire Segment in Silk Robe, Slip & Teddy

It's network TV so there's no a lot to see but still nice for network TV (back in the day). In episode 2.7 of THE SINGLE GUY, she is a modern art exhibit called "The Virgin," and tries to seduce Jonathan Silverman who like an idiot resists a gorgeous woman dressed in a silk robe and eventually a teddy. As she pulls off her robe, her suspiciously overly-perfect and very round D-cups spill over the top and sides of the teddy - no nipple. They start to make out on a bed and we get another side and top view when again, like an idiot - he resists and gets up off of her. No real nudity as there's no nipple or even a hint of it but since people seem to count sides of breast as 'close enough,' it's included here. The episode and the series is me'h but Cristi was sexy.

Sarita Choudhury in Mississippi Masala (1991)
rbelkin was written on October 24, 2006

Denzel Gets a Mouth Tug

Denzel actually gets in a hard nipple suck and tug and then they cover up - you can brely make out her nipple but Denzel got his money's worth ...

Michelle Pfeiffer in One Fine Day (1996)
rbelkin was written on October 24, 2006

Changing Different Outfits - Possible Aureole Visible

Yea, anyone else, it would hardly rate a mention but since it's Michelle, any possible sighting is a spotted woodpecker sighting ... at one point, the camera faces her as if it's a mirror ad she is cahnging blouses to get ready to go out on a date with Clooney. She never removes her bra but as she changes, there seems to be a round aureole visible (righ side more prominent) and she also fiddles with her breasts moving them and squeezing them for max effect - more cute than sexy but we'll take it - and she was still knock-out gorgeous then ...

Jacqueline Obradors in Six Days Seven Nights (1998)
rbelkin was written on October 24, 2006

See Through Bra, Thong

Not much but since she has not done much nudity, this will be something. She shows up on screen in a tight top that shows off most of her bosoms - no nipple. Later on, when she & David Schwimmer think their mates are missing, she wants to console him by having sex with him - her ass peaks out a bit as she walks into her bungalow, then she takes off her top - her right aureole clearly seen through her see-through bra - she takes her skirt off, revealing a sexy black thong and she turns to show him her perfect ass - still not convinced, she takes off her top to him but all we see is after he turns her down, her hands tightly cupped on her breasts ... and like er, 'normal' man, he turns her down because he's still pining for Anne Heche (cough).

Kate Nauta in Transporter 2 , The (2005)
rbelkin was written on October 23, 2006

Also a Carpet Flash

If you like your women ultra scrawny, very boyish and scary - she's your girl - you also get a view of the fuzzy carpet fibers poking out from her crotch. When she's out in the street, the camera tilts up from the ground from between her legs and up to her torso - you get a few fleeting frames of some extraneous carpet fibers poking out of her crotch - since she's nasty - it's not very sexy but there is it for competists.

Anna Calder-Marshall in Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You (1970)
rbelkin was written on October 23, 2006

Bubble Bath 1960's Side View

Anna Calder-Marshall is still working in films & Tv so i'm guessing she's very matronly looking now but during this film, if you like that prim & proper English girl look, she was pretty hot. Great eyes. She wears a lot of short dresses but has one not-quite nude scene. She's taking a bubble bath and the first shot is from her right side and we get a view of her right breast covered in soap bubbles, no nipple - then as we cut to the front view, top down, she very discreetly holds her hands over her breasts - she definitely an A-cup so there's not much to see anyway but still pretty sexy.

Her only other sexy scene is she's laying in bed in a teddy but since she's a tiny a-cup, nothing is heavin' or moving ... bus still sexy.

Antoinette Abbott in Naked & Naughty (1800)
rbelkin was written on October 23, 2006

Patio Dancing, Stripping & the Water Hose - Normal, Everyday Stuff - Naked Again ...

Antoinette appears in a patio doorway dressed in a purple thong bikini - she dances, running her hands up & down her gorgeous body - and showing off her backside in the revealing thong. After a few minutes more of dancing, she pops off her top to reveal very real C-cups. She dances topless for a few more minutes and then slips off her thong - revealing her small patch of public hair - she dances in the doorframe for a few more minutes totally nude.

The video cuts away to a few other girls performing but returns later as she moves further in the backyard with a garden hose, lightly hosing off her breasts and dancing some more - a male still camera photographer accidentially gets into the shots (so maybe there is a print spread?).

Very nice and refreshing - of course, just a three-star since she's only topless/naked for only 7 minutes and who doesn't see a gorgeous girl dance naked in your patio doorframe everynight - old hat, right ... yawn ... :-)

Jamie Pope in Naked & Naughty (1800)
rbelkin was written on October 23, 2006

A Tub, Some Soap and Who Let the Dogs Out ...

Jamie, the cute girl next door - sits in a metal tub in the backyard running soap all over herself - she's wearing a green bikini. Oops, her bikini top pops open revealing perfect C-cups and an old school large bikini tan lines. She continues to soap herself and efvntually removes her top entirely - the camera nicely moving in very close. She starts to slip off her bikini bottom - she looks pretty smooth down there but ultimately never does but still an excellent segment.

The dogs in the backyard block her a bit in the beginning but eventually disappear from the segment.

Tyler Gates in Naked & Naughty (1800)
rbelkin was written on October 23, 2006

Naked, Touching & Licking Herself in the Car

Two long segments. She has two piercings in her nipples so that might not be your thing ... She is wearing a leopard skin bikini - dancing and writhing in front of BMW, she pulls down her bikini bottoms to reveal her bush, she pulls down her top to reveal the two metal bar piercings in her flat nipples - she bends over and lays on the car hood to show off her backside in the thong bikini ... She touches herself all over front and backside.

Changing outfits, she's inside the car now, pulling down her leopard skin tube top - and spreading her legs to reveal her pubic hair. Shje licks her fingers and runs it along her metallic nipples. She spends the next 3 minutes licking her own finger and touching herself all over.

Deanna Brooks in Naked & Naughty (1800)
rbelkin was written on October 23, 2006

On the Beach - Eventually All Nude

Two segments. Deanna starts out in a bikini laying on a giant driftwood tree branch. After a few minutes of tasing us with her bikini string, she slips off her top and wriths around on the branch - eentually laying face down on the branch - her breasts hanging off each side and revealing her perfect backside in a thong.

When we come back later, she is completely nude - showing off her tiny landing strip pubes as she stands completely nude on a tree stump - doing modeling poses. She then sits and rubs sun tan oil all over herself - she's now competely nude but her legs are kept tightly closed as the camera pans up her body - she's not so shy about her breasts - the camera moves in for close and lingering shots.

We also catch a few glimpses of the still-camera crew - I presume it's part of a real photo shoot and not just fake background.

Dita Von Teese in Naked & Naughty (1800)
rbelkin was written on October 23, 2006

Two Hot Segments

The first 3:30 segment starts and features Dita completely nude on a floating raft in a pool. The camera pans up and down and across her milky white skin and body. She touches herself seductive as the camera moves about from head to toe and from side to side - we see some pubes but mostly feature her milky white D-cups.

The second segment features Dita in a sexy red vinyl old-style bathing suit. She quickly pulls off the top portion and begins to dance around and touch herself seductively - she is only topless in this segment but we get long closeup views of her white round mounds of fun as she touches yourself, bends over and performs by the pool.

Deborah Shelton in Body Double (1984)
rbelkin was written on October 22, 2006

She's Nearly Naked But Never Actually ...

I don't recall the plot of the movie or if it was supposed to make sense but during the sequence in which Criag is looking through the binoculars - it is either Melanie Griffith's character or a body double - if you go frame by frame, at one point, you can see the face is definitely not the then gorgeous Deborah Shelton - it looks more like a random body double than Melanie Griffith but I can't remember if that's part of the plot or not but it's defintely not Deborah and almost certainly not Melanie.

However, later on, when Craif makes out with her briefly and pulls down the right side of her blouse, her right breast is exposed though no nipple. After a few seconds, she pulls up her blouse nad runs off.

Later, you also see her breasts nearly spilling out of her bra - but no nipple. A few seconds later, as she being attacked on the bed and pulled back, her panties are exposed - though nothing is really revealed - her legs and panty reveal are still sexy ... though no actual nudity.

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