Christine Harnos in Remembering Sex (1998)
rbelkin was written on October 22, 2006

Nude - Though Not Really a Sexy Movie

She's playing a woman who is wondering how her AIDS might turn out - meanwhile she reminisces about her life & her exes

There is a sexy scene in the beginning where she faces the camera and her boyfriend comes up from behind, kisses her and reaches up her up her tank top to play with her right breast - we don't see anything - and she must be either be wearing a 7-layer bodysuit or she's has great nipple control as we do not see any pokies ...

A few minutes later, she is changing for the evening and we see her backside and her right breast - though no nipple.

She is an nude art model - if you're just interested in seeing any nudity, she's kneeling on a platform as student artists are working around the room - she turns to look - revealing her nice B-cup breasts in clear light. This is only about a 2-second scene and you should be warned the reason she turns her torso is because she has some growth on her ass - so while you do get a look at her ass, it's a medical look with an unpleasant looking blood blister like growth so if you can ignore that, her breasts are coming up quickly ...

Later on she is dreaming about a previous sex encounter and we see some fuzzy breasts - they might be hers or a body double - hard to say. She is wearing a flimsy tank top as she sits up in bed - and you can (if you strain) make out her nipples.

She has a sex scene later - though it's dark and we don't see anything - she wakes up with her hand covering her crotch but we see nothing but shadows.

She has a pool scene - passes out and is pulled up - more pokies through a wet tank top.

If you like Hillary Swank's look, she could be Hillary's skinnier sister with smaller breasts.

Farrah Fawcett in Saturn 3 (1980)
rbelkin was written on October 18, 2006

Farrah at Her Sexiest

Of course, the famous scene is right at the beginning, she drops her towel and gives two flashes of her right breast/nipple.

That is it for the actual nudity. A few minutes later, she goes to look for her dog, Kirk tosses her a sheet, in a couple frames as she's trying to catch the sheet, her right breast area is exposed but you can't see any nipple - maybe in HD and a 50" screen, it's there or maybe she's wearing a body suit - though later, as she bends down to pick up the dog, the light shines through revealing that she seems to completely naked under the sheet but it might just be wishful thinking :-)

She has some add'l sexy scenes in which she's wearing a flimsy top and short shorts but a better one is she & Kirk are geting ready for bed and this time she's wearing a tight "futuristic" teddy with her famous nipples poking out of the white sheer fabric - there are about 15 seconds of her walking around and the camera is close enough for you to see the sheer fabric.

Then later, in a different teddy & panties - the fight scene where we get to see Kirk's bare ass - though in trade for that, we get to see a wedgie on Farrah's ass as when she leads him back to the bed, her panties have formed a wedge in the back. Then crazy Kietel tries to drag her elsewhere, she breaks away and falls, legs flying all about with the camera pointed at her crotch as her leg goes flying upward - she is wearing panties but we don't really see anything - then the camera moves closer as Kietel loses a body part - she screams and tries to scoot back so you get the equivilient of an upskirt shot between her legs though of course, she only has flimsy panties on - though not flimsy enough as they stay firmly on.

Saturn 3 is a fine silent movie thanks to her nude scene (though brief) and her skimpy outfits.

Heather Menzies in SSSSSSS (1973)
rbelkin was written on October 15, 2006

Warning - THERE is a version with "Blocking" Optics

I recently saw a version on cable where they basically added black masking to the film - as if there were bedposts - so other than seeing part of her back nude, the scene otherwise described is "blocked." In other words, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and BOOOOOOOO.

Keira Knightley in Domino (2005)
rbelkin was written on October 13, 2006

Gorgeous - But Nudity in Domino is Annoyingly Arty, Blurred & Brief

While there are probable peeks during the strip tease (and emphasis on TEASE), if the camera is not moving around, the editor is adding flashes and quick cuts - the only real nudity is the desert sex scene - where there is literally a TOTAL of 6 seconds of nipple nudity - and that's within the camera swooping around, flurry of edits from all angles, color filters coming in and over-exposure on purpose - the total sex scene is probably 2 minutes long when all is said and done but the reality is there are 6=seconds of exposure within ... so if you're watching on a PC and can grab frames or slow it down to real frame by frame - it's not really worth it. There is one add'l scene at a sorority hazing where she's in panites and her nipples are poking through a small baby-t but that's all for Domino ...

Gisele Lindley in Forbidden Zone (1982)
rbelkin was written on October 12, 2006

Perfect Breasts

Her total nudity is only about a minute if you add it all up but when she shows up eventually in the movie, she's is topless for all her scenes and her breasts are pretty much perfect.

Priscilla Barnes in Last Married Couple In America, The (1980)
rbelkin was written on October 11, 2006

A couple nipple slips

Compared to her movies, it's not much but it is Priscilla in her 20's so it's something. It's a dark scene so crank up the brightness but post sex, she's laying in bed talking to George Segal (who's by the window) the scene does annoyingly cut back and forth between the two of them but during a couple cuts back to her, parts of left nipple make a couple peeking appearances - it's not much but if you want to be a Priscilla completist.

Natalie Wood in Last Married Couple In America, The (1980)
rbelkin was written on October 11, 2006

Braless - Long Scene - Pokies

Yes, I know it's all about the nudity but it's as close to seeing Natalie Wood's breasts as we will get. Towards the end of the movie, there is a big party going on and like any good liberated woman, she is braless. It's a sphagetti strap dress that's clingly and a bit see through. She's either cold or excited as her nipples are at attention the whole time. There are a couple shots where she & they are framed nicely in close ups. As she moves around, the slits on the dress also reveal her nice legs - the scene ends sexily where another man leads her into the bedroom - where Sandra Currie meets up with them and takes her top off. Unfortunately, Natalie never does but all you need is to brighten the scene a little and you don't need much much imagination to see exactly what her breasts look like. It's also a long and pretty much the only segment of the film you'd want to watch (other than the Priscilla Barnes scene if you're a completist) - the rest of the movie idiotically makes her look old and the afro is not a good look for her.

Teri Polo in Quick (1993)
rbelkin was written on October 11, 2006

Lots of Boob View - Not so Mch Nipple

BED - Isn't much - you do get a nice look at her legs but her black panties pretty much cover evrything and while handcuffing her and taking her from behind might be kinky, the fact is just as he starts, we can clearly see she has her panties still on so basically just going through the motions (of course, most movie sex is simulated but they clearly didn't make any effort here).

CHANGING - She's in front of a mirror - talking, cleaning her gun and her flannel shirt is unbutton all the way, Side of her right breast is pretty revealed throughout - though no nipple. Then finally, she quickly whips offs her shirt - you get a quick look at her left nipple. She then turns - still shirtless - you get a view of her right breast and a few appearances of her nipple as she moves around and takes a tug off a cigarette - while she is standing in front of a mirror - the angle of the camera is that we do not see anything in the mirror. We then see her right nipple much more clearly as she looks for her bra, fumbles in unrolling it and then finally putting it on. One distraction is that she clearly has a mole on her upper right shoulder - hope it's benign ...

CAR BACKSEAT - Shot from a sideview. Her right breast and nipple is clearly seen but in moving around, we get appearances from her left nipple also ... it's all pretty quick and could've been much better but since this is her only real nudity, it'll have to do for now ...

Kelli Johnson in Illegal in Blue (1995)
rbelkin was written on October 11, 2006

Pretty Hot UNRATED Version

In the R version, the two kiss and make out a little on the couch - in the UNRATED version, the camera moves in much closer and Kelli and Tammy take turns kissing and sucking on each other's nipples - Kelli spends more time on Tammy's including flicking her tongue on the nipple before taking some hard tugs on it. The unrated version does air on late night cable - so look for it.

Katia Christine in Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You (1970)
rbelkin was written on October 11, 2006

Aureole Slip - Night Beach Scene

Most people probably miss it since it's a night beach scene but if you brighten it and go frame by frame, she is wearing a black strapless bra sitting on a beach with Ian - they start to get dressed quickly and as she raises her arms to put on her shirt, her ample bosoms heave to and fro and her left aureole makes a few quick appearance. For a lot of other actresses, no biggie but she is hot, hot, hot in this movie. She is the ultimate 60's Swedish babe - earlier she is wearing a gold mini dress that barely covers her ass and you get a few quick glimpses of her gold panties/shorts. The movie makes very little sense but she's worth checking out - even if she is mostly clothed throughout the movie.

Patricia Tallman in Knightriders (1981)
rbelkin was written on October 11, 2006

Enough Light to See What We ... Er, Came For

The scene preceedng the night in the bushes scene is a good intro. She seems to be wearing a bra but it's barely working as her nipples poke through the bra fabric and a peach colord blouse she is wearing ... in the bush scene, there is a nice shaft of light that is placed so we can see the important details. As she is "surprised," she springs up her behind some bushes, her very perky and solidly C cup breasts bounce up and down a few times - then she crosses her arms over her breasts - though conveniently keeping the left nipple exposed before ducking back down. On a TV, this scene will pass by too quickly and too dark to make it worthwhile but if you're like me and watch a lot of movies on your computer where frame by frame and brightness/contrast control is better - this scene is worth it even if the movie makes no real sense.

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in Rollerball (2002)
rbelkin was written on October 11, 2006

On the Computer Screen & R-Rated Version, She is Nude

As she is leaving the weight room, you can see her left breast - no nipple - as she walks down the dark hallway - with brightness up & contrast up, you can see her left breast & nipple as she moves towards us - it's still quite dark but she is defintely topless. later on, after sex, in the dark orange glow as she stands up, you can see her breasts and her right nipple but again, it's a dim orange and when you turn up brightness & contrast, the scene gets grainy. Though fitting for this movie - poor directing, poor ligting for nude scene.

Jo Ann Harris in Beguiled, The (1971)
rbelkin was written on October 5, 2006

Presumably Also a Butt Shot

In addition to the other reviewer, a few minutes later, there is another scene where she is on top now and through a very tiny shaft of light - you can see her left breast & nipple (2 seconds) - the scene is pretty dark overall. Then a few miutes later when the other girl enters the rom, her rear is the first thing we all see when she enters the door and then later a POV view shot over her ass to the door. Presumably it's her since it's a low budget movie and she's already topless and getting her breasts sucked on - no point in drawing the line at her rear ...

Janet Julian in King of New York (1990)
rbelkin was written on October 3, 2006

Either a Body Double or Bad Directing/Editing

While she's not some huge star, she was a semi-famous model so she might've had enough clout not to show off her breasts - and since she still hasn't ... The scene is this - Chris Walken is in a subway with her and he starts groping her, working his way up & down her blouse - then popping out her right breast - he is then interrupted by some street toughs. But the few seconds, he's fondling her breast and nipple, it's an awkward & dark looking cut and you don't see her face. If I had to bet money, I would say it's a body double because at no other point in the movie is she anywhere near naked and she's never shown much in other films though she certainly has a gorgeous face & cute enough body most people would want to see.

Pamela Gidley in Liebestraum (1991)
rbelkin was written on October 3, 2006

Shower Scene - Slow Pan & Brief Nipple

Turn up the brightness - The pan down her back is nice & slow - pausing as the water runs down her crack and you lean forward to see if catches any pubes at the other end ... then it cuts to her arms across chest rinsing - her breasts literally heaving - and finally her left nipple pokes out a bit. You do have to turn the brightess on high.

Adrienne Barbeau in Carnivàle (2003)
rbelkin was written on October 3, 2006

Shower Scene

In one of the early episodes of HBO's CARNIVALE, she is at an outdoor shower, as she reaches for her towel, you can see her impressive massive right breast ... though no nipple. It's pretty brief - maybe 3 secods but if you're a completist.

Drew Barrymore in Poison Ivy (1992)
rbelkin was written on October 3, 2006

The Car Scene - Greatest Body Double Ever? + Bedroom + Balconey

While, there is no nudity, in the ice & bedroom scene - she is sexy as Tom Skeritt is working her way up to her crotch and then buries her head there - just when you think maybe it's a body double, they tilt up from the upskirt shot (black panties) to her face - so it's clearly her.

The infamous sex on the hood scene. Whether it is a body double or not, it's one the greatest jobs of finding someone who seems to have her exact breast size and torso ... and normally, when there is a body double - the scene is darkly lit - nothing is really hidden here ... so this is either the greatest job of body doubling or they saved time and asked Drew to say it was a body double ... for Tom, he got a bunch of takes to play with her left breast, who is he going to tell? :-)

Nearly everytime, when you record to your computer, bright the scene and go frame by frame (as I do), you can tell when the double arrives because it's just a little off - her breasts are slightly larger, her arm is bigger, etc ... just tiny telltake signs and they usually set the scene in a dark location with flashing lights to distract you ... so circumstantially, I just have to say it's really DREW or it's the best double setup ever ...

There is also as sexy scene of her wearing a tank top blouse on a balconey - and it's a cold blustery day - her left nipple and aureole are plainly visible with each gust of wind.

Margot Kidder in Amityville Horror, The (1979)
rbelkin was written on October 3, 2006

Quite a Lot More - Watch Slowly & With Brightness

The scene opens in amedum shot with her standing in an open blouse and panties ready for bed. CUT TO: Behind as she raises her leg in a stretching exercise like a dancer - binding and making her panties ride up her ass. Then she sees her hubbie and tries to sexy herself up (the open blouse & panties pretty much do it :-)

Okay, here's what others seem to have missed, as she steps forward, her moton moves her blouse open and we can see her left breast and nipple very clearly ... now this might be disappointing to some of you with strict standards :-) but even though she's pretty young here, her breasts have definitely already had the older woman effect of being quite flabby and instead of a nipple at the middle of a perky breast, hers are at the bottom of her right breast and pointing downward already ... so the nipple is there, you're just looking in the wrong place ... she is still looking damn sexy.

Melissa George in Dark City (1998)
rbelkin was written on October 3, 2006

Here's the Entire Scene in Greater Detail

Medium Shot - through some beaded curtains, she is wearing a sexy black bra and panties. The camera takes the POV of the guy walking and he moves in closer, she acknowledges him and begins to take off her bra. The camera is now positioned on her other side (looking out towards the beaded curtain) in a close up as she removes her bra - revealing impressive C+ perky cups. It then cuts right back to the medium POV shot on the other side of the beaded curtain as she slips off her panties - now completely nude but we can only see her profile and while we see her breasts, they are through a beaded curtain in a dark hallway. The scenes back to next to her in a closeup as she puts on a robe. She finishes her makeup but that's it's for the nudity. She looks amazing and we all look forward to her in a real movie scene instead of a culmulative 10-second nude scene with too many quick cuts ...

Jill Clayburgh in Starting Over (1979)
rbelkin was written on October 2, 2006

It's Brief But Very Brightly Lit

She is showering and you first see her right nipple and then she turns to reveal both as she is soaping herself. Yes, the entire scene is less than 10 seconds long but nice & clear.

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