Ashley Ryder in Uncle David (2010)
GDH was written on April 26, 2012

Total nudity

Ryder, a porn actor, is shown naked three times: first laying in bed (we see his backside and a couple of brief frontals), then taking a bath (partial side nudity only), then walking around on the beach (it's a bit misty, but everything is clearly visible). For good measure, in another scene one of his porn films is playing on a television set behind one of the characters; no nudity, sadly, but you see him sucking cock.

Peter Pittaros in Greek Pete (2009)
GDH was written on April 23, 2012

Total nudity, including erection

Pittaros, the titular Pete, is a husky young lad. He goes full-frontal at the beginning of the film as he strips for the camera. As he 'tops' to a client's 'bottom' we get a good view of his backside (the amount of limp ball danglage visible between his legs suggests this was one of the 'improvised drama' bits!) His erect penis is on show during a photo shoot, and again when he has sex with his boyfriend. It's floppy when he's in the bath, but erect again in a publicity photograph on the computer, and during a sex scene with two other men (his bum is on view again as well). Pete has certainly given us our money's worth!

Thomas Schubert in Atmen (2011)
GDH was written on April 23, 2012

Backside; frontal

Blond Schubert has a pleasant face and a slender body. Two scenes of him stripping upon entering prison provide a couple of fleeting frontals and a view of his bum.

Matthieu Boujenah in One to Another (2006)
GDH was written on April 18, 2012


This film is also known as 'Chacun Sa Nuit' and 'One TWO Another'. Boujenah plays a character a few years older than most of the protagonists in it, and as such he's not quite as youthful-looking. But he's got a pleasing roughness, and when he stands by the side of the bed removing a condom his bum looks very nice (sadly he doesn't go full-frontal).

Chris New in Weekend (2011)
GDH was written on April 15, 2012


This chap sports a beard that does absolutely nothing for him. His body is undefined but slender. We see his backside as he clambers into bed; a few minutes later we get a full-frontal shot as he pulls on his underpants. There's another view of his bum (and possibly testicles) during a sex scene with Tom Cullen.

Tom Cullen in Weekend (2011)
GDH was written on April 15, 2012

Backside; close but partial frontal

Cullen's designer stubble might look as if it's been stencilled on, but he's not a bad-looking bloke and he has a pleasing body. There are two shots of him in the bath during which we get very quick, very partial glimpses of his soapy penis. His bum is seen during a sex scene with Chris New.

Thomas Coumans in Noordzee, Texas (2011)
GDH was written on April 8, 2012


Handsome, slender Coumans strips off prior to taking a shower, allowing us a quick view of his backside.

Adam Hale in Real Fiction (2008)
GDH was written on March 23, 2012


Hale's face is spoiled by ugly facial scruff, but his body is nice and wiry. As he gets out of bed we see his bare bum, and very nice and shapely it is too.

Nehuen Zapata in Twisted Romance (2008)
GDH was written on March 17, 2012

Total nudity, including erection

The slender, raven-haired Zapata's first nudity comes early in the film during a rather brutal sex scene, when Oscar Génova pulls the younger man's pants down and we see Zapata's bum (a minute later, after Génova has had his wicked way with him, Zapata's backside is seen again as he pulls his pants back up). There's a shadowy view of Zapata's penis during another sex scene with Génova. But it's the sex scene with Javier de la Vega that really delivers the goods: not only is Zapata's bum on display once more, but also his erect penis is clearly seen (double, as it's reflected in a mirror as well!) as he bounces on top of de la Vega.

Javier de la Vega in Twisted Romance (2008)
GDH was written on March 17, 2012

Complete nudity

According to the DVD's sleeve, de la Vega is playing a teenager here, which quite frankly is pushing things a bit, but there's no denying he has a fine body that is unveiled to erotic effect in a sex scene with Nehuen Zapata. There are several good views of de la Vega's backside (with ball danglage clearly visible) and in at least one shot he's also sporting a semi.

Pete Scherer in Pornography (2009)
GDH was written on March 16, 2012

Full nudity

A rare example of the best-looking bloke in a film showing the most flesh! Things don't get off to a great start when Scherer's muscular body is seen nude just from the side during a couple of sex scenes with Dylan Vox. Later, when he exits the shower, we get a brief glimpse of his backside in the mirror. But it's a sex scene with Walter Delmar that delivers the prize: Scherer jumps out of bed, runs along a corridor, then turns to face the camera - providing views of his backside and penis (all very quick, but that's what freeze-frame is for!) Later he goes full-frontal again when he strips for a CCTV camera. Finally, in the deleted scenes of the DVD, there's another very quick view of his backside.

Dylan Vox in Pornography (2009)
GDH was written on March 15, 2012

Brief side nudity

Brief side nudity only from the delectable Dylan in this, during a sex scene with Pete Scherer. Disappointing after his appearances in "Dante's Cove" and "The Lair".

Walter Delmar in Pornography (2009)
GDH was written on March 13, 2012


Delmar, playing two different characters, gets his backside out three times: the first (and best) shot of it is during a sex scene with Matthew Montgomery. A few minutes later we see him walking into a darkened room, so it's shadowy buttocks only. Finally, there's a side view as he lowers his pants during a sex scene with Pete Scherer.

Jared Grey in Pornography (2009)
GDH was written on March 12, 2012


Facially, Grey looks a little prim here to be portraying a pornstar, but he has a nice lithe body. We get bare hips as he's having sex with his dentist, then a few minutes later see his backside in the shower (although we don't see his face in the same shot). His bum is seen again on a television screen as another character watches a porn film he's in.

Clément Sibony in Avril (2007)
GDH was written on February 25, 2012

Obscured frontal

Taking an outside shower, Sibony is standing behind some fencing which obsures most of the view, although at one point, when he moves to the side, you can just about see a frontal. Sibony has a nice body, so it's a shame he doesn't show more of it!

Richaud Valls in Avril (2007)
GDH was written on February 25, 2012

Backside 'n' bush

The handsome Valls appears naked twice: the first time while in bed, the covers pushed down to show his bum (this is the first time the viewer sees his character, and a very nice introduction it is too). Later on, while Clément Sibony covers him in blue paint (those crazy French!) we see Valls' pubic hair.

Nicolas Duvauchelle in Happy Few (2010)
GDH was written on February 11, 2012

Backside; very fleeting frontals

Duvauchelle has three nude scenes in this film. The first has him laying in bed with Marina Foïs; we see his backside (shot from his head) and his penis flops into shot a couple of times as he shifts his position. The second sequence is a sex scene with Foïs; we see his bum from the side, a very quick glimpse of his penis as he rolls over, and his testicles as as he lays on his side. Finally, Duvauchelle and the rest of the cast strip naked, cover themselves in flour (your guess is as good as mine...) and go skinny-dipping, affording us some good - if floury - views of his backside once again. Duvauchelle is still successfully pulling off the 'sexily scruffy' look - I do hope he doesn't get any more tattoos, though.

Brenden Gregory in I Want Your Love (2010)
GDH was written on February 3, 2012

Complete nudity

Notable aspects of Gregory's role in the sex scene with Jesse Metzger involve a close-up of his anus (fans of hairy cracks will be in seventh heaven!) and several close shots of his penis, both flaccid and erect. Gregory really needs to lose a few pounds, but is handsome and has very nice eyes.

Jesse Metzger in I Want Your Love (2010)
GDH was written on February 3, 2012

Complete nudity

Metzger has a slender body that would probably look quite nice with a bit of definition - but he's certainly cute. During the sex scene with Brenden Gregory his naked body is on constant display, including a particularly erotic sequence where Gregory gives his erect penis a blowjob.

Aurélien Baty in Basket et Maths (2009)
GDH was written on January 12, 2012


Good-looking chap with a lithe body shows his pleasing little backside (including in close-up) as he removes his towel after a shower.

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