Diego Luna in Night Buffalo, The (2007)
spaceboi76 was written on August 5, 2009

Full frontal after sex

About 49 minutes into the movie, after a sex scene, a very clear head-to-toe full-frontal for a few seconds while lying in bed. Glimpses of his penis elsewhere, but none as clear as in this scene.

Marcel Schlutt in Gefangen (1999)
spaceboi76 was written on August 18, 2007

Main characters' sex scenes in prison cell

While this film has a couple of nice erections from Schlutt and another actor in the DVD's deleted scenes, there is in fact a hardcore version of this film complete with erections and ejaculations by most cast members including both of the main characters. The hardcore version is "Eingelocht" released by Cazzo. Unfortunately, the hardcore version leaves out all of the dialog and story. I wish the director would release a version with both the story and dialog intact as well as the uncensored sex scenes.

Antonio Sabàto Jr. in Testosterone (2003)
spaceboi76 was written on March 16, 2006

Frontal (standing next to bed)

The only thing I have to offer more than the other reviewers is that the scene is midway through the movie, at 49:44.

Erik Ing in Under One Roof (2002)
spaceboi76 was written on November 1, 2005

Bedroom scene

In the director's commentary on the DVD, he says that Erik Ing's penis was supposed to be erect in this scene when he turned around to face the camera, but that "it never materialized." Too bad. Would have been 4 stars.

Jay Wong in Under One Roof (2002)
spaceboi76 was written on November 1, 2005

Bedroom scene

The previous reviewer called it a "frontal" shot with a "semi-erect" penis. Specifically, it's from the side, which is actually good, since you can see that Jay Wong's penis is not only thicker and longer than in the "soft" scene that follows, but also totally horizontal. It could be that Jay Wong's penis when fully erect has a much higher angle (typical for a young Asian man), but let's be clear -- this isn't just "fluffed". This is a totally realistic scene, where, after a make-out session on the couch in the living room, a young gay man is finally taking off his underwear for the first time with a guy he's been secretly in love with for many weeks. It's only natural for his penis to be fully erect. Kudos to Todd Wilson, the director, for breaking the rule of the gay move genre that has kept anything erotic out of romantic movies and anything romantic out of erotic movies. Unfortunately, after Wilson's untimely passing from lung cancer, it will be up to future directors to follow his lead in this respect, since this was his last movie.

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