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Catherine Breillat

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Maiden, Rita 2 Reviews
Alexandra, Charlotte 8 Reviews

Une vraie jeune fille's Sexy Actors

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Rita Maiden
BushLeague was written on September 6, 2002

Before having sex

While the camera is focused up her skirt, with well lit, bright view, she removes her panties and her slender, muscular legs point us to a hairy slit. Lasts long enough to get a good view while boy friend fingers her cunt and occasionally re-reveals her lips.

dav345 was written on September 23, 2003

vagina from a distance

You see her vagina from a distance (and I do mean vagina). 1 star because it is a pretty good distance.

Charlotte Alexandra
BushLeague was written on September 6, 2002

Spread them wide!

Up the skirt shot, under table, as she shoves a spoon up her snatch (panties block view of actual penetration). Another up skirt shot reveals partial buns and sparse pubes as she changes panties. Then reveals tits in mirror as she changes her bra. Bush is shown, while knees spread, while she takes a leak. More underwear changing reveals, bush, tits and partial ass. Totally naked, spread eagle, while tied to ground while boy friend stimulates her moist pussy lips with an earthworm and breaks it up an puts pieces into her pubic hair (camera is all the time giving a "pussy eye" view with no shadows). Rides a bicycle with her bare ass showing. Pulls off her panties and masturbates on a railroad track (bush and legs up skirt). Takes off panties on a beach a pisses on ground (pussy lips shown again) then crawls along beach with skirt hiked up over bare really white ass.

kenwilliams was written on June 9, 2005

The Labia and the Worm

On one Hand I don't like the Worm. But on the other - where's Worm? There are a Cose Up of the best Part of her Body!

Serna was written on October 24, 2005

Some strange some gross some erotic

A beautiful teenager with long auburn hair. She spends most of the movie either involved in the strange situations of sexual discovery outlined below or in a bikini or flashing her bra!
Early on at table with her parents. Deliberately drops spoon and, shot from under table, opens her legs wide and passes spoon inside her panties. No nudity but it is a great shot of her naked thighs with skirt pulled up and open.
In her bedroom she takes off her clothes – down to a pettitcoat and then takes off her pants and puts on new ones. You see her bush and as as she does this. Then she takes off her bra and you see her nice tits. Then she goes to bed and is sick!
In a dormitory she wanders to the toilet alone and shows her bush and ass as she sits on the loo. Then she pees.
Later she stands in front of the mirror and pulls her nightdress over her head. She stands naked. Then puts on her top. She begins to touch her bush, up close and then her nipples. She stares at herself in the mirror.
Really erotic brief scene where she’s at a wood cutter’s yard. She fancies this man there. She gets on her bike, lifting her shirt. Two slow close ups of her mound through her white panties as she sits on the narrow saddle and a really sexy look on her face. Her riding her bike around is somehow erotic!
Weird scene: she is lying naked in the field, arms and legs outstretched. Close up her pussy, lips etc, as man touches her and puts a worm on her bush. She is tied down. I think it’s all meant to be part of her growing up and discovering.
Next brief scene where she is cycling with her skirt hitched up around her waist. Arse fully exposed. Nice!
Next she goes to the beach and sits on the water’s edge with her legs apart and her skirt up around her waist. She’s taken her panties off so you get a lovely view of her arse as she lets the water rush up to her and cover her.
Next briefly, bottomless from behind at railway, then sat on tracks with legs open and bush exposed.
Sunbathing, lying on her face, she pulls down her knickers and pushes a bottle in between her butt cheeks.
Then she goes to woods and finds man from saw mill. Sitting without pants she pees in the sand as he watches.
Then with her arse exposed (her skirts hitched up again, she crawls along with feathers sticking out of her arse. Her takes them out with his mouth and they kiss.
She sits at his feet and strokes her own arse and then rubs her head and face against his crotch through his trousers.
Then she gets on top and rubs herself against him. Then they lie beside each other masturbating on the beach.
In the boyfriend’s car, he pulls off her pants and fingers her and you glimpse her breasts as she pulls up her top.

TranslucentShield was written on May 24, 2002


This actress has some balls. Well, not really, because you would have been able to tell here, with her countless full-nude scenes. An early film by Catherine Breillat (Fat Girl, Romance), A Real Young Girl out-shocks the other two (which is definitely saying something). There are traditional nude scenes, with Alexandra undresses. But then there are close-ups of her vagina as she pisses. And even a scene where a guy opens her lips up and puts a worm in there (then rips the worm to pieces and places it on her pubic hair). Nasty shit. Gutsy though.

dav345 was written on September 23, 2003

full frontal and rear nudity, urination, penetration

You see her full frontal and rear nudity multiple times. Notable scenes are a lengthy scene where she sits on a toilet and you see pee coming out of her hairy vagina, a scene where a worm is inserted into her vagina in graphic detail, a scene where you see her butt while she rides a bike (nice), and another scene where you see her wide open vagina lips up her skirt. This is a very, very, very explicit movie. You can rent it at netflix.com.

thefaceman32 was written on October 28, 2003

Penetration? I do not think so

Do to a lack of a message board. Dav345 Where in the movie was the penetration scene?
Yes it was an explicit movie, but there wasn't any penetration scene that I am aware of

thefaceman32 was written on October 8, 2002

Masturbation - Gyno shot - Urination

00:20:30 If you've never seen a girl pee, this here's your chance for a close-up of female urination.
(Gyno shot - Urination)

00:30:05 She shows off her jewels and gems when she changes clothes. Tits, ass, and bush.

00:40:00 Some dude tries to fit a worm into her puss. 3 stars 'cause you've never seen it before ever.
(Masturbation - Receiver)

00:42:10 Her ass is exposed as she rides a bike.

00:56:40 She's sitting bottomless on a fence, then she fingers herself on some train tracks. Damn!
(Masturbation - Self)

01:02:20 Lying on the ground in her bikini, she removes her bottoms and shoves a bottle in her ass.

01:03:10 She sits on the ground, takes off her panties, and rubs her ass and pussy in the sand.

01:04:05 Ok. This is it. She's crawling around with her skirt hiked up and feathers shoved up her ass!

whackamole was written on June 21, 2008

Anatomy lesson with peeing and worms

Charlotte Alexandra is a very beautiful young woman. With golden brown hair, a flawless complexion, ample breasts, a nice ass, and a cute vulva she really is a real young lady as the title suggests. So it's even more shocking when you see her puking, peeing in closeup, masterbating with utensils, rubbing worms on her crotch, and playing with chicken blood. The film is about her sexual frustrations as a young lady and early on we see her upchucking on herself then stripping down for a change of clothes all while admiring her own nakedness in the mirror. After that, we see her bottomless in her girls school bathroom. She sits down on the toilet and pees all while the camera explicitly shows her urine leaving her genitals as she urinates in spurts, that's real female urination folks. She pisses so much that she causes the girl waiting for her to have an accident. Charlotte can next be seen nude once again admiring herself in the mirror. After that she lies on the ground naked while her ugly boyfriend rubs worms on her puss. She seems to like him even though he's a snearing jerk in the movie. Later she is seen with her skirt hiked and playing with herself between train tracks before riding her bike bottomless. She spots her boyfrind and tries to catch his attention by pissing in front of him, but this time we don't actually get to see the urination, although we get to see her bush before and after the deed. Judging by the small puddle I don't think she had much in her this time around. He simply ignores her so she she meets him on the beach and shoves chicken feathers up her butt while pretending to be a chicken. This though, catches his attention and he pulls the feathers out with his mouth. Tehy then have rolling sex on the beach and the guy wipes himself off on her shirt, off camera. Classy guy.

Hiram Keller
Bruno Balp
Hamm_Sodomy was written on May 28, 2008


One second, he's fully clothed in an armchair. The next his fly is open with his penis exposed. I thought this film was pointless. Further, the male nudity may have disturbing father-daughter, incestuous undertones.

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