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1993 Love Matters 2 Reviews
1992 Traces of Red 1 Review

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Love Matters (1993)
murray was written on September 20, 1998

several scenes

Strapping stud shows off his athletic body in several scenes in the film. No frontal nudity that I could find though.

asdflkjh was written on December 22, 2004

A day of sex all over the house

Tony Goldwyn and Gina Gershon have an all-day sex-fest, and in one scene he is pumping into her on the kitchen table. Gina pulls away, and we get a full frontal shot of Tony, though somewhat blurry, for about a second. Throughout the film there are numerous shots of Tony showing his great butt and his gorgeous, muscled torso. For Goldwyn fans, it's well worth renting.

Traces of Red (1992)
Ozzie700 was written on September 17, 2001

Rising From Bed

The dark blonde Tony has the face of a syndicated-tv series action hero, and a body to worship. At about 1 hour and 4 minutes, Tony gets up from bed after being seduced by Lorraine(the only truly erotic sequence in the whole film). As he rises we have a short view of his incredible ass (with one of the deepest cracks ever seen), then his stunning chest, and with the boxers on, his penis flopping in his undershorts. He's the only reason to sit through this.

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