Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

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2000 Road Trip 4 Reviews

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Road Trip (2000)
dav345 was written on January 12, 2001

Tom gets his nipples rubbed

In one scene, Tom and 2 hot chicks are topless in bed. Tom is rubbing their nipples and they are rubbing his nipples. It's more funny than sexy. Tom Green is my personal hero.

adailymovie2 was written on December 29, 2000

why is this here?

He doesn't get nude. You don't see a thing. Why would you want to, unless you have the mindset of Drew Barrymore?

jrcpoet was written on December 31, 2000

Quick kinda obscured pseudo butt shott

Okay -- Tom isn't my cup of tea, but there's no need to be as nasty about it as others have been. :-) Anyway -- when Tiffany sees the videotape her bf made for her, we DO see parts of Tom's bare behind. Funny and stupid. Like the movie.

ilikedirt was written on August 6, 2001

toms flabby ass

early in the film you see tom rubbing two girls' nipples, great scene, the women are totally hot, at the end of the film when the tape arives you see tom get his ass out on tape..he jiggles it with his hands..ok, now I kind of want to know what his dick's like. oh well.

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