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year title
1988 Rikky and Pete 2 Reviews
1985 Emerald Forest, The 3 Reviews

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Rikky and Pete (1988)
WLoomis was written on December 4, 2001

On top of Guy

The dancing is the sexy scene, but there's another when a man's sister catches him in bed with Tetchie. Breasts and most of her nipples as she's laying on top of him.

Antman was written on November 24, 1999

Dancing topless

A brief, but nice bare breasted scene by the exotic and beautiful Ms Agbayani. Ninety minutes into the movie, she takes off her blouse and dances on top of an oil drum for a guy who is watching her from inside of a jail cell.

Emerald Forest, The (1985)
MARVIN,[email protected] was written on December 5, 1998



BushLeague was written on March 22, 2003

Many almost naked sprinkled through movie

She has the biggest, ripest melons of all the credited native girls. Very cute brown skinned girl with what must be some enhanced 36d cups. Topless and butt while at camp (nice round firm native ass as well. Topless and ass jiggling during wedding dance. Topless and butt while being taken to be slave at whore house. Rips off western style clothes and wraps jungle leaves around waist. Long look at left coconut while in background of a scene. Topless again when frolicking in river near end. 3+1/2 stars for almost constant nudity, but no bush shot.

ff was written on June 5, 2003

topless in every scene

first of all she did not have breasts implants!!
she is pretty much topless through out the whole movie like most of the cast. not surprising for a playboy playmate. unfortunately she isnt as hot as she use to be.

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