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Gregg Araki

Splendor's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Robertson, Kathleen 2 Reviews

Splendor's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Schaech, Johnathon 1 Review
Keeslar, Matt 2 Reviews

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Kathleen Robertson
BiBoySTL was written on November 24, 1999

No actual skin, but a hot stripping scene

During an awesome truth or dare scene, one of her boyfriends dares her to strip naked, and so she does in one concealed, but HOT scene. What a beauty!

[email protected] was written on April 11, 2002

0:28:30-while she is with 2 guys playing truth or dare, the self-conceited Ms. Robertson, like quite a few other actresses who think they're too god to show their tits in a movie, is provoked to strip naked, which she does in front of the guys,

Maybe CNdb should have a section of close-to-nude scenes--that way you wouldn't be disappointed when, after you read "This actor has appeared nude in...", you actually go to the respective page and read "No actual nudity, but...sexy...". You know what I'm saying?

Johnathon Schaech
bmg was written on January 7, 2000

No nudity

He's nude in this movie, but we don't see anything. We do see him in several homoerotic exchanges, including kisses and even a shower with Matt Keeslar.

Matt Keeslar
bmg was written on November 28, 1999

brief upper buns, buns through shower curtain and covered erection (fake?)

The previous review was pretty accurate, but we are teased a few times by this cutie. Once comes when Matt's character is leaning over a toilet bowl with Jonathan Scheach sitting next to him and we see his crack, or upper buns.One much better scene comes when he's making love in the shower an we see him and his GREAT ass fairly well through the shower curtain. One last scene involves him lying in bed with a sheet covering what I assume is a fake erection, but you never know!Then there's all the above-the-waist lovemaking he does with Jonathan Scheach.All in all, worthwhile if you're a die hard fan.

BiBoySTL was written on November 24, 1999


Like in many Araki films, the sex is abundant, but the nudity isn't. His latest, Splendor, is no different. A great lookin' guy Keeslar plays a drummer who starts a relationship with a girl and a guy. They have sex (he and the girl) and you see skin, but no actual parts. No ass, no front. Unfortunate.

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