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Skin I Live In, The's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Suárez, Blanca 1 Review
Anaya, Elena 2 Reviews

Skin I Live In, The's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Banderas, Antonio 2 Reviews
Álamo, Roberto 2 Reviews

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Blanca Suárez
Ghostwords was written on August 28, 2011


Both Ms Suárez and fellow actress Ana Mena play the daughter of surgeon Antonio Banderas. Although Ms Mena is four years older, Ms Suárez's position in the cast implies she plays the grown-up version, who is raped at a party. Her breasts are exposed and her assailant sucks on them before she panics and tells him to stop; he doesn't and holds his hand over her mouth until she passes out. Afterwards, he replaces her bra and dress.

Elena Anaya
Ghostwords was written on August 28, 2011

Star patient

Ms Anaya plays the subject of a bizarre experiment being conducted by surgeon Antonia Banderas. There are numerous views of her breasts and several of her butt, including three sex scenes (one of which is a rape). For most of the rest of the film, she wears a close-fitting leotard, which has zipped panels allowing access to her breasts (a homage to Adrienne Corri's outfit in A Clockwork Orange?). Cloice eye candy.

georgelloyd1 was written on August 30, 2011

Frequent nudity

Wlena Anaya shows boobs and bum throughout this film. The director also seems to have some kind of fixation about his female characters having their breasts chowed down on: Anaya has hers sucked on quite violently in both of her sex scenes.

Antonio Banderas
MarcioGore was written on March 27, 2012

Part of Butt

In the end of the movie,his character is killed on bed.He's naked,so we can see a quick scene of the part of his butt.Unfortunately we can see only it!Banderas still hot!!!

Ghostwords was written on August 28, 2011

Dead in bed

Banderas is shot whilst in bed and crawls part of the way out before expiring. We see his right hip and most of his right buttock.

Roberto Álamo
MarcioGore was written on March 27, 2012

Fat Butt

At first we can see part of his ass,after we can see his fat and ugly butt ( in my opinion) while making love with a woman!

Ghostwords was written on August 28, 2011


Alamo plays a lowlife criminal who turns up at the home of surgeon Antonio Banderas. We see a little of his backside when he lowers his crowers to display a birthmark to his mother, then he strips naked to force himself upon Banderas' patient; his buttocks are visible both in 'real life' and via closed-circuit tv.

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