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1996 Hotel de Love 2 Reviews

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Hotel de Love (1996)
Ozzie700 was written on May 29, 2003


Simon has a lean body, but very round, firm cheeks. At about an hour or an hour and 10 minutes into the film, his brother walks in on him with a woman and Simon leaves the room with only a pillow covering him. A very sweet rear end seen about 2-3 different times, and as a bonus, there's a mildly hot moment when he moves the pillow to talk with his hands. His brother recoils, but Simon doesn't even blink. Someone being that caught up in the moment and exposing themselves unabashedly was a nice touch of reality.

Derek was written on January 4, 2000


Bossel's character is caught having sex by his brother. He walks around the room talking to his brother with just a pillow over his crotch.

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