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Frankie Cullen
Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Love scenes

While beefy and handsome Frankie Cullen has never been timid to show his body, he is never explicitly nude in this film. The camera cheats the angle at every turn and assures us that the women are given near gynecological exams, while the men could be shown on in these states of undress on your local news program without raising offense. Terrible, terrible movie. Look for Billy Chappell and no one else.

Billy Chappell
Derek was written on June 6, 2012

Crazy love scene

Billy Chappell, who looks a lot like Eddie Malavarca of OZ, does the big nasty with an actress in this film while exercising. They use all the equipment in the gym, including the elliptical. None of this helps or hurts the scene. Chappell's wonderful body is shown to good effect. His magnificent legs are awesome while stairstepping, and his round, pert ass is on great display while boxing a punching bag and getting a head job at the same time. He's the only actor in this lousy film to do full nudity. Skip to his scene and then skip out.

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