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Savage Grace's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Moore, Julianne 1 Review
Anaya, Elena 2 Reviews

Savage Grace's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Redmayne, Eddie 2 Reviews
Dillane, Stephen 2 Reviews

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Julianne Moore
Ghostwords was written on September 3, 2011


There are several scenes where Ms Moore is tantalisingly close to 'real' nudity in this film, but there's enough flesh on view to merit one star.

Early in the movie, she enters her husband's hotel room and he pushes her face down onto the bed for rough anal sex (it's ambigious at the time, but clarified in a later scene.

When she wakes to find her son in bed with her and her lover, much of the side of her right breast is in shot.

Later, she's in the bath whilst her son sits next to her. By accident or design, his body keeps blocking hers, although we see most of her right breast (bar the nipple).

At around 0:70, their bizarre relationship is consumated. She undoes her trousers and rides his cock (the implication is that she removes her knickers when she leaves the room for a moment); she comes, but he doesn't, so she gives him a handjob. No actual nudity.

Elena Anaya
Ghostwords was written on September 3, 2011


At approx 0:35, Ms Anaya enters the bedroom, her back to us; she is topless, and as she moves towards to the bed, she slips out of her shorts to show us bare butt and the side of her left breast. Both breasts come into view as she sits down, as well as very brief glimpses of her bush when she shifts her legs. I'd give this four stars, but for the teasing with her bush; that said, she is extraordinally attractive.

taurus was written on January 28, 2009

Undressing for bed

At :40 before getting into bed with Eddie, she strips totally nude showing breasts and ass, then a couple of bush flashes as she turns and gets into bed.

Eddie Redmayne
Ghostwords was written on September 3, 2011


At approx 0:50, Redmayne enters the bedroom of the man acting as his mother's art agent. He's wearing a towel, which he drops before getting into bed, offering a brief view of his butt.

Ghostwords was written on September 3, 2011


Around five minutes after his first nudity, Redmayne enters his mother's bedroom and finds her in bed with the guy he slept with earlier. He undresses and gets into bed with them; we see the very top of his butt and most of his left side as his leg hangs outside the sheet.

Stephen Dillane
Ghostwords was written on September 3, 2011

Towelling off

At approx 0:15, Dillane towels himself off aftera fencing match. We see his butt and, as he turns, glimpses of his cock behind the towel.

flighty678 was written on June 25, 2008

Rear and frontal hot from hot 50-something actor

About 14 minutes in: He is nude in a gym locker room with a male friend (no MoM action, but oh well).
The first shot showcases his nice set of cheeks. Then he walks over and you see several glimpses of his fine cock and side shots of his ass. They are all very quick because he keeps moving his towel in front. There are several opportunities to freeze frame for the whole penis sighting. It is long and hangs down nicely. Then you'll then get a close-up of his succulent pecs. He has a slender, but ripped body and is extremely hot at 52 years old!

There is a sex scene between he and Julianne Moore where he penetrates her from the rear, but you don't see anything except his facial reactions. It's very hot to watch him react to his thrusting though.

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