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Patrick Stewart
AJP123 was written on July 19, 2006

nude scene

omg i relli want to see patrick nude i love him i have jerked off over him so many times but i couldnt get hold of this dvd if any1 has the clip or pics of him nude cn u plz send them to me on my email address which is on my cndb

flighty678 was written on September 22, 2007

Thanks, Patrick!

Wow, what a present for us longtime ST:TNG fans lusting after his body for seven years through that Starfleet uniform. We got a little tease in that Season 7 episode where he got a nekkid humiliation session by David Warner as a Cardassian (hawt!).

We finally see the whole shebang in Safe House. Nice, good length rear shot of him in the shower and him lathering soap all over his gorgeous, slightly hairy torso.

Then someone cuts the power and he turns around; freeze frame, people! You've got Capt. Picard's pecker. Thank goodness this was a Showtime movie. If it was a mainstream Hollywood film, this whole superfluous scene would have been cut out completely. His flaccid pecker is a nice piece of meat, although somewhat hard to see.

As a bonus, there is a scene where he is walking around in just a white towel, his bear chest and stomach on display. He said he worked out a lot for this movie and it shows!

It's on DVD and Netflix has it. Go get it!

Nooddood22 was written on October 26, 2009


Captain Picard, at age 58, looks amazing. You see his ass in the shower for a few frames. A few seconds later, the lights shut off, and you can make out a slight cock wobble as he turns around. It's subtle and dark, but it's there. I love older men brave enough to disrobe.

DearJessie was written on January 1, 2000

frontal in the shower

we see him in the shower inwhich his butt was exposingthen he slowly turned around . first i thought the camera would cut awaybut we do get to see him in the front for a while

Christoph was written on July 25, 2000

Naked in shower

Beam me up, Scotty! I think Stewart has found the fountain of youth for his body. He looks spectacular. The frontal shots are a bit murky, but the rear shots are priceless.

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