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Walther, Regina 1 Review
Tölle, Helga 1 Review
Martin, Michaela 1 Review
Kuon, Christine 1 Review
Glier, Karin 1 Review
Boner, Astrid 1 Review

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Regina Walther
Immy was written on September 14, 2005


Regina plays the very pretty sister of a blacksmith in a small German town. She makes friends with a travelling artist and agrees to pose nude for him. We first see her topless when she looks over the shoulder of the artist as he touches up her portrait (0:33). She's wet from taking a dip in a lake and they fall into an embrace in the grass. Next (1:07) she's nude posing for him in his hotel room. Nice full frontal! She puts her robe back on to talk to Helga Tölle but doffs it again (1:12) to hop into bed with the artist. She's also topless showering during the opening credits. Cute girl!

Helga Tölle
Immy was written on September 14, 2005


Helga plays the daughter of the mayor in a small German village known for unusually fertile older men. She breezes into town and catches the eye of the local blacksmith (Joav Jasinski). They go skinny dipping (0:21, nude running into the water and splashing around) and when they're clothes are stolen she and Joav walk back to town wearing only a barrel. For eight solid minutes Helga's boobs and butt peek out above and below the barrel. Then she finally beds Joav and is nude several times with him between 1:00 and 1:19. Her hair is flaming red and her butt is a bit saggy for a young girl but she shows lots of enthusiasm.

Michaela Martin
Immy was written on September 14, 2005

Topless and butt

Michaela bears a striking resemblance to Paris Hilton, right down to the boobs. She runs out of gas in a quaint little German town known for its prolific fertility. She hooks up with local blacksmith Joav Jasinski (0:32) and we first see her boobs as he undoes her top in his shop. They end up doing it in a grassy field (0:46, more boobs laying down) and in a haystack in a barn (0:48, boobs and butt). Then she's topless again in panties washing in her hotel room before Helga Tölle comes in with her breakfast. She's also topless during the opening credits laying down in a field (four seconds into the film!) and splashing in a lake.

Christine Kuon
Immy was written on September 14, 2005


Christine plays the secretary of government official Alexander Allerson. They decide to investigate why a small German village has such a high fertility rate. Christine constantly teases her boss until (0:43) she pretends to drown while swimming in a lake. He takes her to shore and undoes her bikini top leaving her small boobs exposed. Then (0:54) he imagines her topless in the form of a nude statue in his hotel room. They finally end up in bed (1:13) where she's topless once again. She's also topless during an awesome opening credits montage.

Karin Glier
Immy was written on September 14, 2005


Karin plays a sexy young German hausfrau who beds the local blacksmith (Joav Jasinski) while her 60-ish husband goes on believing it's a fertility-laden wind called the "Fern." Joav walks into her bedroom (0:07) and she's already nude running into his arms. Later (0:52) the local laborer Sepp Gneissl "fills in" for Joav and we see her nude again with him. She's also seen during the opening credits sitting topless in a grassy field reading the script then drinking a beer. Beautifully shaped boobs and a pretty face.

Astrid Boner
Immy was written on September 14, 2005


Astrid plays a housewife in a German village where a certain "wind" leads to fertility for married women. She has a quick tumble with the village stud Joav Jasinski, who's really responsible for the pregnancies, where we see her nude in her bedroom (0:06). Later (0:52) she's nude again with the village goon Sepp Gneissl who's "filling in" for Joav. She's also show briefly topless during the opening credits. She has the best rack of all the girls in the movie.

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