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Robert Carlyle
Botviewer was written on April 8, 2005

In the bedroom scene where he enjoys his first encounter with Linus Roache, his undies come down from his bum

This is a very pretty bottom, less schoolboyish than in The Full Monty and all the better for that. Warning: Blink and you miss it, though there is always Linus Roache's to look forward to at that point.

StepsLad was written on April 13, 1999

Sex scene

Robert plays the boyfriend of a priest, so it features lots of man-2-man snogs. But this scene is fantastic - it begins with both Carlyle and Linus Roache peeling off and standing opposite one another, waist-up shot. They kiss, then Roache goes down on Carlyle, showing us a fantastic shot of Rob's peachy arse. Roache gropes it while sucking off Carlyle (which we don't see). They then go to bed, where we see a long shot of Roache butt-screwing Carlyle. Not hugely realistic, but very nice. They then snog a bit more.Overall, a hell of a lot sexier than The Full Monty!

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