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Brooke Shields
MrThrobbin was written on April 23, 2004

Bathtub scene

I don't know about the scene where she poses for the photographer, but in the one where she is surprised in the bathtub, you can definitely see little Brooke's hairless cunt-crack for a second. She has a beautiful pussy.

trogar was written on August 24, 2007


I love nude girls of any age. Brooke is beautiful in this movie, I love her cute butt, bare chest and shaved puss-ay. Shame she diddn't go nude in other movies. She's hot.

shizmatic was written on August 2, 2008

taking a bath, posing for a photo, and banging on a door naked

I don't think that it's pedophilia, the scenes weren't shot in a sexual way, it was probably done for the sake of realism. And I found the movie provocative but not shocking or scandalous. After all the plot is set in an entirely different era, with an entirely different set of values.

hornyhornyhorny was written on August 4, 2008


the best part is when she's takeing a bath. first you see her developing tits then she gets up and for a split second you see her bald 12 year old cunt lips

titus was written on December 14, 1999


The controversial child nudity from the star of Suddenly Susan. Here she must only be 13 yet here, perhaps due to the film's theme, she shows full nudity. Quite why this is done is a mystery, and is also quite disturbing. Is it child pornography, or is it 'art'?

alekhidell was written on December 30, 1999


Very bad movie. You can see her fully and partially nude many times. She spends alot of time with no shirt on. In a bathtub scene, you can see frontal nudity as she is pulled from a bathtub. Later she is photographed by some guy, and she is fully naked but her legs are contorted so you cannot see too much. Then the guy throws her out of the house and she is fully naked. You can see her chest and butt. Hard to believe that Shields or her parents let this go. In one scene the camera catches her wearing a patch over herself, so at least she wasnt walking around totally naked.

getsomesatisfaction was written on January 28, 2005

Titty & Ass

Who cares if she was only 12, that ass scene is one of the best ever. Seeing Brooke's bare butt as she stands in front of the door makes me want her, no matter what age. Sure, the titties are barely there, but now that we know what she looks like in her 30s, we can only imagine those breasts now. It's like being her first lover. Too bad she doesn't show half as much now; still gorgeous, I'm sure.

dav345 was written on May 22, 2004

rear nudity only (DVD version)

You see her bare butt crack in one scene (DVD version) when she is locked out of a room whilst walking around nude. You also see her fully nude while posing on a couch, but her genitals are not seen. I think you'd see more in the bathtub scene if you got the full screen VHS version.

StevieW was written on July 14, 2003

A little is shown!!

I stand corrected,Brooke does show her hairless pussy in this film. In the photography scene she is lying on a couch and her pussy is briefly seen,in the bathtub scene when she jumps ot of the tub the top of her pussy is briefly seen,I'm not sure if you'd see more in widescreen or not [I own the fullscreen video version]but I sure hope so!! So you do get to see Brooke fully nude,even if later in the photography scene she's half covered up.

Elv08 was written on September 25, 2001

everything - but 12 years old

Just watched this film and Brooke Shields is gorgeous. She's in the bath, lying naked on a couch, shows her butt for about 10 seconds when trying to open a door, and is sexually precocious. A real Lolita. Young girls do nothing for me usually, but you're lying if this doesn't turn you on as well.

WestPole was written on May 16, 2008

Amazing that this is still available

Judging by the amount of reviews there's a lot going on. I don't know where all the revisionist history is coming from. Terri Shields reportedly said, when Brooke was turned down for The Exorcist: My baby was denied because she was too sexy! Seeing this movie, where Brooke Shields IS naked in two scenes, "being too sexy" is easily understandable.
She's fully naked in bathtub and the two lines some are talking about are more than likely just skin folds.
In the photo shoot scene we see her lying on the couch fully naked, from the front for about a second, but highly visible.
Also, if she IS wearing a string, doesn't that make her buttocks still fully visible?

Seems strange and twisted to me to try to claim that she wasn't naked when she clearly was.

Seeraks was written on January 3, 2005

Nude in two scenes.

First of all, this movie was made before it was illegal, so watching this movie, and enjoying Brooke Shields nude scees, is not illegal. If it was, then the DVD wold not be sold... Anywhere.

First, a bath scene, where you see her undeveloped chest in the water, and when she gets up, you see(Briefly) the top of her rear. However, the two old people who interupted her take away her towel for some reason, and they possibly see it all.
Second, posing for weird guy. You see bare chest, some of her crotch, and hr rear end as she's 'escorted' out of the room.
I've been told she's wearing a body suit, I can see the back of a flesh colored thong, but it looks convincing to me, so I'm satisfied.

StevieW was written on June 2, 2002

Great nudity,and it is really her!!

Brooke may have been young when she did this film,but boy does she look nice!! She has 2 nude scenes in this film and one close call. She first hurriedly jumps out of a bathtub appearing nearly totally nude. That scene is OK,but the 2nd is much better. She poses nude for a photographer,lying on a couch and getting tired of sitting still. She gets up and yells at the photographer and tells him nobody buys his pictures and tries to mess up one and he throws her out of the room,and you get a nice long ass shot,Brooke's ass is small but nice and round and jiggly! She then stands out the door banging on it to get back but never does,and there's more of her cute little ass! Too bad that's it,but there's another scenes where she sleeps nude in a cottage and there's an almost ass shot as she gets up. Brooke has a great body and it's too bad she resorted to a body double for her films later!

movieguy21 was written on September 15, 2002

Cute butt

Is this Brooke or is there a body suit? Who knows, who cares. She is only 12 or 13 in this film anyway. However I will add that her butt is very cute and it is on display for fifteen seconds, body suit or not. I enjoyed it.

Aldelch was written on August 7, 2002

Looks nude, or almost nude, to me

On close inspection of the two nude scenes Brooks has in this movie, it seems to me she really is nude in the bath scene - I don't think a body suit would have this shiny wet skin look. As for the scene in which she poses nude for the photograph, when we see her from the side after she gets up and breaks a photographic plate, we see the outline of a piece a cloth over the pubic area; maybe that's the body suit mentionned in the interview. But the navel and nipples don't seem to be covered so, apparently, she is at least almost nude (when we see her banging on the door outside, thin lines are visible above the buttocks, so I was under the impression she was wearing some kind of tiny G-string). A rare treat, for girls that age are so much more graceful than adults, in my humble opinion.

AnimeFan was written on March 20, 2007

Bath scene/Couch scene

This woulda been 4 stars, except for two reasons: Curse Susan Sarandon for giving Brooke a g-string (thereby hiding her pubic area) and curse the producers of the Dvd for not making it true widescreen - you miss seeing things that are visible on the Vhs tape!!! Oh well, at least you get to see her chest/sorta breasts and her perky buns... but we shoulda seen so much more!!!

BaSa1976 was written on August 18, 2005

Very young but beatiful

Brooke is only 12 in this film, but she is beautiful.
She has a full nude scene in the bath, an other when the photographet takes some photo of her, and then a butt scene when she tries to open the door.
And I think she has a half-nude scene after his first night, but only her back is shown.

To the "art or pedophile movie" discuss:
I think there's nothing pedophile in this movie. I think it's a story about 2 things:

1. A child girl becomes a little woman, her first love, and so on.
2. Child prostitution, which is a real problem in a lot of contries even now, 27 years after this film and 70 years after the film's story. I think we can only solve the problem if we don't say that the director is pedophile who points on this problem, but the people who are boss in this pedophile job in the real life and the prudes who don't want to know this problem, so they don't do anything against it.

Sinnema was written on March 31, 2001

Young, nude, beautiful

Don't listen to these other prudes. This is Brooke Shields' only nudity on film, so enjoy it. You can watch as she enters puberty as the film progresses: You can see her bare chest and butt in a bath; later she is posing completely nude for a photographer, then walks around nude, offering glimpses of her soft nipples on her pre-pubescent "breasts;" after they argue, the photographer locks her outside without her clothes, giving us an extended view of her tight, young butt. This movie is great for fans of the scandalous Garry Gross nude photos of young Brooke. If seeing beautiful young girls naked offends you, then don't see this movie.

StevieW was written on July 12, 2003

Brooke not fully nude

Yes,this is Brooke Shields' only fully nude film appearance,but her prepubescent pussy is not seen at all. In the bathtub scene she jumps out of the tub and her pussy is nearly shown and in the photography scene when she breaks the photographic plate she is wearing a cloth appliance over it,but her cute tight hiny is in full view,I wish she would pose nude for Playboy,I'll bet it STILL looks good!! What do you say,Brooke? Don't make this the ONLY nudity in your career!!

Know-it-all was written on March 31, 2001

Not exactly a review...

I just want to clear a couple of things up here. First, the unspoken assumption in some of these reviews that Louis Malle was some sort of perv for directing this film is utter garbage. Look up the man's entry in the IMDB. He was an artist of the first rank. Secondly, as sort of an echo of Sinnema's review, while I don't generally get a charge out of nude 13 year olds, please keep this in context. Some of us who grew up in the 70's really had her as an erotic ideal when we we younger. She's 2 years older than me, so part of me will always see this film through the eyes of that 11 year old who really had it bad for her at the time. I'm not apologizing for that.

NudeyDude was written on March 3, 2002

Shes friggen 12

I dont care who it is this just cant be taken in a sexual why

Psuedo_Saint was written on March 15, 2003

Arrest these pedophiles!

Ya pervs.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on July 11, 2001

gotta be desperate

She is like 12 years old and nude throughout.but she is just a little kis not very good to watch.

xanderharris was written on June 19, 2001


i don't want to burst anyone's bubble. but brooke never did a single nude scene in this film.
according to a interview from 1978.
terri shields said brooke didn't do it it was a body suit.
she said brooke was beginning to get breasts during the middle of filming. maybe there was one nude scene i don't know for sure.

guyflyer was written on December 29, 1999


She is only 11 or 12 here (born May 31, 1965) so it's totaly unerotic. Not even art. She's seen mostly topless and nude butt. There is a scene where she's full monty when she's getting her picture taken by the pervert child molester then her breasts just befor her thows her out.

vizier was written on May 3, 2015

covered up

in the scene where she poses for Keith Carradine,as she lays on the couch her nipples are visible but pubic region is covered by her hand.later as she walks around the studio,as camera pans back you can see her pubic region is covered by a cloth covered patch.you doo see her butt when he throws her out of the room.

Alphonse was written on March 13, 2003

Full nudity

Brooke has two nude scenes in this movie. The first takes place at about the 58 minute mark when she is surprised in the bathtub. She stands up quickly and you see a very quick full-frontal shot. Worth noting that she is illegally young here (I think 12 or 13) and has basically no breasts to speak of. What would be a crotch shot is actually a shot of a crotch with some sort of covering - too bad for the pedophiles out there. The second scene is at about the 1:28 mark and she's posing for a photograph in the nude. You see a lot of long breast shots, and then you see a long shot of her young little buns after she gets thrown out of the room. Too young to be sexy, appealing, or even very interesting.

Susan Sarandon
dav345 was written on May 22, 2004


She shows her breasts a couple times while posing for a photographer - this is the best nudity of her career.

alekhidell was written on December 30, 1999


First you can see a nipple slip in bed. Then you can see her fully nude from the side as she sits down on the side of the bathtub. Later she takes her top off to pose for a picture and you can see her breasts for an extended peroid of time.

MovieBuff was written on January 16, 1999

Topless posing for the photograpgher - nice long scene. Susan licks her finger and plays with her nipple. Briefly nude from the side while she is taking a bath. Very brief breast when Brooke Shields trys to wake her up in the morning. One breast

This is Susan Sarandon's best nudes. Very much worth seeing.

Brokencake was written on February 5, 2000

Hairy Armpits Ruins the Fun

Nice titties, but the lighting is very white, highly ruining the sexiness of the scene. In addition, she also has hairy armpits, which, well, SUCKS.

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