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year title
2000 Drôle de Félix 2 Reviews
1996 Nuit ordinaire, Une 1 Review

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Drôle de Félix (2000)
Ruth was written on June 24, 2002

Full closeup frontal of beefy actor!

Adventures of Felix is a charming tale of a young man in search for his biological father. On the way he meets some interesting people, including Garziano.
While hitchhiking, Felix is picked up bu Garziano. They instantly connect and the next thing you know they're flying a kite in a secluded area. Instantly smitten, Felix approaches Garziano for a steemy make out scene. Clothes fly...
Scene shifts to the aftermath. Garziano is scene walking nude behind some bushes. Then he emerges for a glorious full frontal of his thick, meaty uncircumsised penis. I have to say I was taken back at how well endowed he was. He's a very buff man with a penis to match his massive body. This beefy actor is not afraid to bare it all! Following close behind is Felix with a more normal type body and penis.
Then a far away shot of the two putting their clothes back on.
Fun movie as well!

TranslucentShield was written on March 19, 2002

Mon Cousin

I guess the French like to have sex with their cousins. Garziano plays the husky railroad worker in the "Mon Cousin" segment of the film. He walks alongside Felix after having sex, giving a close-distance shot of him naked. I think he's rather hung too, if that matters to you.

Nuit ordinaire, Une (1996)
dvdcollector was written on February 4, 2007

Close-up of penis

First he begins to strip to get into bed with his sick lover. He is wearing boxer shorts, but shows about the upper quarter (maybe a bit less) of his butt. A bit later, he is seen lying nude on the bed and we get a close-up of his penis, as the camera slowly pans up his body. Would get four stars, but in the pan unfortunately we get to see the scarred skin between the navel and the penis. This is a short film that is part of the French collection called "L'@mour est à réinventer, dix histoires d'amours au temps du Sida".

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