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2005 Footballers' Wives - Extra Time 1 Review
1978 Hazell 1 Review

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Footballers' Wives - Extra Time (2005)
dvdcollector was written on September 29, 2006

Sex Video -- Not a Pretty Sight!

Plays a perverted football club owner who likes to have his secretary record his sexual adventures. During one playback of this sex, one sees his bare butt. Nicholas Ball certainly deserves praise for courage. He is not goodlooking, young or in shape.

Hazell (1978)
Ozzie700 was written on December 19, 2009

Leaving bed; episode: Hazell Plays Solomon

This is a dated but entertaining British detective show. Nicholas Ball plays the lead character, who, naturally, gets into a lot of fights and gets a lot of attractive women. In the premiere episode, you see him getting out of bed, and we see his average looking bare bum for several seconds, decent lighting, full view, as he scratches one cheek briefly before putting his robe on. He's not conventionally attractive, but he has a certain charisma, and his willingness to do nudity at a time when this wasn't so common even on UK TV is commendable. A few episodes later, he's in a massage parlor and there are a few side/almost rear teases under the towel, but nothing really.

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