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1973 Shaft in Africa 4 Reviews

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Shaft in Africa (1973)
AceOfClubs was written on October 22, 2004

Butt, boobs, brief bush, great body.

Very cute actress with a deliciously natural body bares herself from head to toes in a scene attempting to seduce Shaft. Incredibly sexy accent accentuates some great dialogue. Before undressing she asks Shaft how big his 'phallus' which Shaft replies "Baby, by now it's shrunk down to 20 inches" haha. She says "You can always tell by the size of a man's nose and the length and thickness of his thumbs....I always look for a man with a prominent nose." Then she slips out of her blue dress exposing her nice bum and lies on the bed, showing perky natural boobs. A while later she gets up to walk to Shaft and her bush is clearly visable in the mirror while her butt gets continued exposure as well. Then more T&A getting back onto bed. She stares in amazement as Shaft takes off his pants and she exclaimes, "Oh my God!". Which prompts Shaft to deliver another classic line .."Baby my nose may not be too prominent.....but I got two of the longest... thickest...thumbs." haha. He then gets into bed with her and they get busy. You can see her beautiful ass again as she rolls over him in bed, the shot is from the foot of the bed and at bed level giving a great view. The widescreen version also shows her beautiful barefoot soles too (to guys like's also considered legitimate nudity) and her feet are nice and big too. The next scene she shows a little more partial butt and side view of breasts getting out of bed.

damn_crazy_bastard was written on December 31, 2008


Neda is a hot little honey with an all-natural body. She shows said body in it's entirety (look in the mirror for bush) as she works to seduce Shaft.

Htr was written on November 6, 2000

Shaft Gets Some!

The only reason it seems that Neda is in this movie is to get naked and sleep with Shaft...which I have absolutely no problem because she is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.

She plays the perpetually horny mistress of the bad guy and wants to "try out" Shaft. She seduces him by dropping her dress and revealing her shapely butt and turning around revealing her very perky breasts. She does this for a few more minutes as she moves around her room, before finally getting Shaft (no pun intended).

Unfortunately, fans of 70's bush will be dissapointed as she shows none, but I think her cute face and sexy accent make up for it.

Starduster was written on February 15, 2002

Shaft gets seduced

The nude scne comes up about an hour and a quarter into the film (DVD chapter 20 & 21), and it runs at least 3 minutes. During this, there are several shots of her breasts and/or buns. When she and Shaft walk over to the dresser, hit "slow" and look in the mirror. You will see a couple of quick views of her dark bush. This might show up better on DVD than on tape. Arneric has a pretty nice bod, by the way.

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