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2004 Sideways 3 Reviews

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Sideways (2004)
tza was written on May 13, 2007

mcgainey running naked while chasing paul giamatti

First of all I would like to reply to VincentD1979 and say that Mc Gainey’s penis is not that small as it was suggested. It’s at least average. Don’t forget that factors like embarrassment, cold, him being overweighed makes his penis look average but not small.
Mc Gainey is running out of the house chasing Paul Giamatti who broke into his house in order to get Thomas Haden Church wallet back. As he is running out of the house Mc Gainey is going after him. As he gets out of the house you can clearly see his penis and balls for a good few seconds!!! They go up and down and then we get a quite closer look.
We can see that it’s average and thin. Then after Paul Giamatti droves away we can see McGaineys penis and balls once again
I give him credit for the “bear” scenes!!!Oh I forgot …. I think his penis is uncut. (I could be wrong though, but it looks as it was uncut)

Whatisit was written on November 15, 2004

Full Frontal

Near the end of the film, M.C. Gainey appears in an extended sex scene during which we are treated to several shots of his bare butt. Afterwards, Gainey runs out of the house completely nude, running straight towards the camera with his penis flapping all over the place. He actually jumps up against the side of a car (you have to see the film to understand). Gainey is not exactly svelte, so this will probably not be a turn-on to most people. It is used in the film for comedic effect.

VincentD1979 was written on January 27, 2005

Full Frontal Running

Fat man. Must give him credit for being in a movie with his genitals exposed. His penis is small (about two inches) and his scrotum is the most prominent part in this segment. It bounces under his gut.

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