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2004 Grande école 3 Reviews

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Grande école (2004)
casualasian was written on December 5, 2004

Mainly group shower scene

Compare to how brave the other 2 main actors were displaying their assets, and the way the director has been toying with us with the nudity level in increasing aggression as the movie builds to its finale, I am sad to report Jocelyn, a fine looking actor, did a lousy job in exposing his body. I am sure there must be contractual obligations that prevent him from doing fully visible nude scenes. Sure he is visibly nude at the group shower scene, but he is about the only guy out of a bunch of nice looking hunks who did not show a clear explicit full frontal shot, which is extremely disappointing! There is of course an earlier scene when I am fooled to believe that Jocelyn is unknowingly seducing Gregori when the latter realize the former is fully nude under the blanket, but that scene leads to nothing! So many missed opportunities while others are being so generous in displaying full frontal nudity!

riccardoaffamato was written on January 10, 2005

second group shower scene

You DO see Jocelyn's penis, quite clearly, at the start of the scene. While certain other team members (!) are more obviously endowed, delicious Jocelyn has nothing to be ashamed of and this brief but clear moment is wearing out my pause button.

Mattg was written on November 23, 2004

Nice ass and brief frontal in shower scenes

Jocelyn is quite handsome - and despite what's written in another review, he does appear nude in this film - in both of the movie's soon-to-be-infamous male water polo team shower scenes. We get nice ass shots in both scenes - and while most of the actors/models do full, explicit frontal in both scenes, Jocelyn's cock is somewhat hidden by convenient camera angles. But you can definitely see it, but you have to look closely.

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