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2006 Shortbus 4 Reviews

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Shortbus (2006)
AlexC was written on May 16, 2008

three way

he is probably the cutest boy i've seen in a really long time. There isn't that much of his nudity compared with the other people but you see his dick and him giving a blow job. He is gorgeous!

MovieFreak13 was written on June 2, 2007


This guy is so adorable!!! The only nudity from him, though, is during the threeway scene. First, you see him sucking Paul Dawson's penis and having his ass eaten by PJ. You don't really see much of him during this scene, just the side of his butt. But then they are all on the floor sucking each other and you see his nice erect penis while he is turning around. It's not the best nudity in the film, but he is just so cute!!

Ozzie700 was written on December 26, 2006


Jay, a twink who looks a lot like actor Van Hansis, plays Ceth, the sweet, innocent young man who is looking for a husband. He ends up finding two for the price of one, as he begins a very goofy, endearing threesome with PJ DeBoy and Paul Dawson. They go back to PJ's and Paul's place and Jay is on top of Paul, in a 69, while PJ is behind them, eating out Jay's butt. Jay says he wants to hear more noise. They then have a REALLY great scene, very original, where PJ starts humming the national anthem into Jay's cute buns. This makes them all burst out into the song, with Jay using Paul's dick as a microphone. A few scenes later, they're having a daisy chain, doing oral on each other. Jay has a slender, hairless body, a decent-sized penis. He's adorable, and like everyone else in the cast, also a good actor.

Mattg was written on March 23, 2007


This guy is so adorable and beautiful. He plays a model who hooks up for a threesome with the movie's gay couple, playing by Paul Dawson and PJ DeBoy. We see him leaning over Dawson sucking his hard cock just before urging on DeBoy to make "more noise" as he rims him up the ass. So DeBoy obliges by singing the American national anthem up his ass. Very light and funny for a scene that was also intensely erotic. Jay has a gorgeous, lean, smooth body, quite gorgeous. Later, we see all three on the floor in triangular form giving each other a blow job. DeBoy orders them all to rotate and as they do, Brannan gives us an excellent look at his entire lean body and long, semi-hard cock, tight abs and otherwise gorgeous body. Yum indeed.

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