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1987 Sweet Country 2 Reviews

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2007 Tell Me You Love Me 1 Review

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Tell Me You Love Me (2007)
ff was written on November 12, 2007

Senior sex

In episode 3 68 year old Jane Alexander is having sex with her equally old husband and you never really see anything except for the top of her breasts but the camera avoids any view of her nipples but there is in fact a brief glimpse of one nipple. In episode 6 there is a longer and more graphic sex scene with jane on top but even though she is completely naked in the scene you dont see much except for her breasts but again the camera avoid any view of her nipples.

Sweet Country (1987)
Know-it-all was written on February 24, 2002

A bit of a shocker.

Yes, that's right: Jane Alexander, former Director of the National Endowment of the Arts, has a nude scene on her resume. A rather good one, too. Jane (who's often described with "unglamorous" or similar terms, although I've always thought her to be rather pretty [catch "The Great White Hope" sometime, and you'll see...]) gets up out of bed in a somewhat dimly lit room, and walks away. She's in profile almost the whole way. She doesn't show any bush that I can remember, but we see her nice ass, and well-sized breasts. This is in the category of Ellen Burstyn's scene in "The Ambassador": an older actress not afraid to show her still-nice body. Brave stuff, especially since Jane was in her mid-40's here.

bootydummycantspell was written on October 8, 2002

Total crap....

The room is almost pitch black. There is no ass to be seen, just a dark silhouetted left boob, filmed frm the waist up.Then she turns to face the camera, but covers herself with a piece of clothing she's holding. Considering that boob silhouette, she apparently has got an awesome rack!

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