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Bérangère Haubruge
cybordemon was written on February 18, 2006

Bathing Nude

sitting in a metal tub in the bathroom. She gets out, looking at her reflection in the mirror and as she stands you get a fleeting glance of her completely nude.

shizmatic was written on August 14, 2008

Nude getting out of the bath

A very nice esthetic shot of a nude teenager. Again not for those spanking the monkey, but another proof that nudity can be non sexual, and still nice. Lately it takes a European movie to see something like that.

Zoé Auclair
spankworthy was written on February 5, 2008

Way, way, way underage. :(

This is actually a surprisingly beautifully shot movie. Warning however, it's not slightly underage sexy, it's FAR pre-adolesent little girls. This movie is not spankworthy, I ended up fast fowarding through the whole thing hoping an older sister would show up or time would pass until they were teenagers or something.

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