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Frances Fisher
noned was written on October 6, 2007


Nice tits for an older broad. No wonder Dirty Harry liked her

slave2tits was written on February 26, 2010

Frances Topless in Bar

This is about 43 minutes in. Tommy Lee Jones is sitting at the bar and the bartender (fully clothed male) walks away. Frances comes in topless to take his order. Nothing spectacular but it always turns me on when an actress I've seen appearing in films for years decides to take off her clothes.

mcgannic was written on August 9, 2012

Tits in front of Tommy Lee Jones

Frances Fisher, Clint Eastwood's ex shows her nice tits here and wow- she must be in her mid 50s.
We get to see what Clint could see all those years.
She is topless in a bar serving Tommy Lee Jones.

Added stars for her age, and for being another ginger sex kitten, mmmm.

Ghostwords was written on November 4, 2014

Topless bar

Tommy Lee Jones is sitting in a bar when Ms Fisher enters from another room, topless. There are several clear shots of her medium-sized breasts as she examines a photograph of his missing son. The nudity is somewhat gratuitous, but welcome nonetheless.

Uncredited Actress
Ghostwords was written on November 4, 2014


Whilst searching for his missing son, Tommy Lee Jones visits a strip club. Several women are shown performing topless (one is seen rubbing her breasts in a customer's face) or exposing most of their butts in thongs. The majority of the sequence is shot from some distance away, so we don't get a whole heap of detail.

There's another scene later, in another club. A woman is poledancing topless, but it's way in the background and largely out of focus.

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