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Immoral Tales' Sexy Actresses

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Picasso, Paloma 5 Reviews
Danvers, Lise 9 Reviews
Christophe, Pascale 1 Review
Bellamy, Florence 5 Reviews
Alexandra, Charlotte 8 Reviews

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Paloma Picasso
BushLeague was written on September 21, 2002

Countess Bathory

This is for whole segment. In it 8-16 beautiful peasant girls show everything but ass holes. They bathe and wash everywhere, including between legs (shown), they wash each other. There are many scenes where they show their tight supermodel butts, backs and legs full length and brightly lit for several minutes. One scene has about 16 girls naked from the back in one scene (butt lover's heaven!). One chick inserts pearls into her thick blonde pussy lips (hole is obscured by hand). A minor cat fight ensues--real pressing of flesh!

Paloma: She descends stair case in an almost see through lacy dress, her bush, tits, and legs are visible, but slightly obscured. She is stripped by the peasant girls to complete nudity, except for crown and you see big round butt, tits, and giant matted black pubes. She exits nude in full rear view then takes a bath in the girls blood, red covered nudity, it is washed away. She descends a staircase nude, with only a cape in back showing hair pie, tits preceded by another nubile peasant girl (brunette), who looks a lot like Shannon Doherty, but obviously is not. If this is not enough, the girl is stripped to show pubes, ass, and almost perfect no sag round tits with large round pink aureole and pencil eraser nipples and dressed in a translucent gown for an eventually nude, brief lesbian scene where her tit gets fondled. But wait, there's more! When it is over, they both lay side by side, well lit and buck naked and you take in their naked entirety from feet to bush to tits to face with no obstacles. Then one last look at girl descending almost naked full frontal with a cape. There is enough nudity in this one segment for 10-20 soft core mainstream films. ******There aren't enough stars in the heavens to rate this film!

thefaceman32 was written on October 8, 2003

Full Frontal

01:09:00 It's a 'babia majora' as Paloma has her clothes ripped off, revealing her fine flopsies, not to mention her furry fishbox and fantastic fanny, i the midst of an orgy.

01:12:00 Full-frontal nudity from the Picasso girl as she takes a bath in blood.

01:15:00 Brief full-frontal shot as she comes down the stairs in an open robe, flashing her royal muffness.

01:18:00 Why pay for carpet when you can cover your floor in fully naked women with unwaxed bikini lines? Outstanding value!

voyeur was written on January 19, 2002

Nude descending staircase

At the top of the stairs, a woman starts to descend, only her lower part visible at first. Her body is narrow, and the hairy plume between her legs grows upward rather than outward, nearly twice as long as most. The owner of this wondrous
bush continues down and reveals small breasts and a rather plain face. She wears an embroidered headdress and a sumptuous royal cloak, open to accentuate her nudity. She waits calmly at the floor of the steps for her female lover.

slavedriver was written on May 16, 2003

Here's your underage nudity!!

This segment of the film DOES show underage nudity. Yeah, in fact it's a gyno close-up on a baby girl, who is clearly under the age of 18...MONTHS! This segment also has the most nudity, featuring TONS of undefinably young flesh and gyno close-ups, and Paloma gets her share of 'em, although the almost-lesbian-scene-that-didn't-develop-like-it-should-have could've really made this movie a classic.

slavedriver was written on May 16, 2003


And as far as I can tell, she actually has shaved her armpits!!!BRAVO!!!!She wants to look like a WOMAN, and not a man.

Lise Danvers
eph1873 was written on July 29, 2013

Actress is 18 or at least no younger than 17.

According to the French Wikipedia, Lise Danver (alias Lise Danvers) was born in 1956, making her 17 or 18 in 1974.

Of course, I don't know how long before the film's release it was actually shot.


voyeur was written on February 22, 2002

Seemingly under age seduction on a very stony beach

She certainly appears very young, although her bush is certainly furry enough. If you like nubile bodies, this is for you. Anyway, she delivers on the nudity.

BushLeague was written on September 21, 2002

Oral seduction by sea

She starts out wearing a sexy translucent cover over bikini. She strips out of it to show nice firm pubescent titties and thick matted black bush. She puts top back on, then boyfriend fondles left tit--slightly deformed nipples. A hair hole under her heart shaped ass does not reveal any lips. While giving head (not explicitly shown), her tunic hikes up and we get a full naked bottom view of her with long gazelle like legs.

movieguy21 was written on March 30, 2003


Although this french actress has hairy pits, she is beautiful (and young) enough that you don't care. During one scene there is a five second close up shot of her bush, which as you can imagine, is on the large side.

Serna was written on October 25, 2000

Sex On The Beach

This scene is all about Lise giving head to a young man on the beach as the tide laps around them. You get to see it all with some lovely close-ups of Lise's derriere as it is caressed through see through clothes. There is also lots of movement as she goes down on him.

thefaceman32 was written on October 8, 2002

Oral - Gyno shot - Underage

NOTE: This actress is underage.

00:14:00 Naked taking her dress off on the beach. Includes an up-close bush shot.
(Gyno shot)

00:17:45 Left tit with a nipple close-up as it is tweaked.

00:22:00 Long shot of her buns giving a guy oral on the beach

slavedriver was written on May 16, 2003

Underage? Who can say?

Listen, she only PLAYS a 16 year old. It doesn't mean she is, for chrissake! She is definitely gorgeous, very naked, and unpleasantly hirsute, but her age is indeterminable. Personally I don't think she looks that young, maybe 18....At any rate, she's got a delicious rack.

Cyclone was written on January 7, 2000

Nude and willing on the shoreline

Lise is the first of MANY young women to get naked in this movie. In the opening immoral tale, she gives us many looks at her breasts and bush, and we also see some ass. We definitely get a good look at her, but personally, I didn't find her to be all that attractive.

dressinggown was written on August 6, 2001

blowjob by the sea

Lise is adorable first off, although admittedly a wee bit on the young side. In fact, I'm amazed this film is allowed to be shown in North America because the character is only 16 (the introduction is in French, but it is fairly easy to discern). Our first glimpse of her is on a bicycle in her transparant dress on the way to the seashore. The camera takes a long, lingering closeup of her bum. Later on she strips to a black swimsuit and looks even better. Finally her cousin (!) demands that she strip nude and first the camera grabs an eyeful of her small but perky breasts and later on takes another lingering glance at a thick bush of black pubes. Then she fellates him, exposing her breasts and a nice furry rear shot. She makes believable sucking noises throughout. The camera also takes long looks at her lips (facial lips, that is) along the way. Fun, arty film incidentally.

Pascale Christophe
thefaceman32 was written on October 8, 2003

Full Frontal - Cute

01:15:00 Boobs! Buns! Great whopping loads of unkempt bush! As Paloma strips down Pascale so she can check herself out in a mirror, nothing is held back.

01:18:00 Furry full-frontal fun as Pascale lays on her back on the floor with Paloma Picasso. Now that's the kind of 'shag carpet' we like to see!

Florence Bellamy
voyeur was written on February 22, 2002

Obscenity, blasphemy, and other fine arts

She has a virginal appearance when in public, but behind the scenes she strips naked, lies nude on various religious objects, and copulates with the clergy. All the while a cardinal beams his approval. You get to see all of Ms. Bellamy's slender body from various angles.

BushLeague was written on September 21, 2002

Holy Roman Empire Batman!

She is stripped out of gauzy under garment to reveal very firm, ripe grapefruits, circus tent like trapezoids, a long slender neck, killer round firm butt, outrageously tight abs, and long slender legs and a thick uncombed brown bush. (She looks a lot like Sarah Michelle Gellar, only taller and nudier). She even gives a brief spread eagle beaver (can't make out the lips). She is pretty much shown like this, often full length, and always brightly lit while being abused by clerics (always with a smile on her face!). Outrageously gorgeous rack and face.

thefaceman32 was written on October 8, 2003


01:32:00 A close-up of Flo's flapjacks and some of the most ungroomed Victorian era bush you'll ever see, as she is undressed and fondled by two men.
Her arching her back move is quite interesting

01:34:00 All three B's are seen as she stands on a throne so the local bishop can tickle her velcro with a peacock feather. You should see what he can do with a crucifix
(Well it beats what Linda Blair did with hers!)

slavedriver was written on May 16, 2003


In a movie filled with HOT HOT babes, she is the hottest. Perfect tits, not-too-full bush, ideal 70's-type body. I don't see any resemblance to SMG whatsoever, so don't go by that assessment. Just understand that she's saved for the end of the film for a good reason. Little bit of hair under the arms, but not as bad as Danvers. All the female stars are babes, but she just has that something extra (probably because she actually has an almost-decent sex scene: a little 3-some with her dad and brother, to be exact.) Hell, if she were my sister I'd probably lay some pipe in her myself.

Cyclone was written on January 7, 2000

Very much nude in the last immoral tale

We pretty much get to see all of Florence, but for whatever reason, she didn't do much for me. Breasts, butt and bush are all displayed prominently, but I didn't find her body particularly appealing.

Charlotte Alexandra
voyeur was written on February 22, 2002

Still life with cucumber

She finds some obscure forbidden books, and, being of a curious nature, applies the principles described therein. This entails disrobing, and presumably inserting a cucumber into a private place. She is naked, but has her back to the camera, concealing just about everything except her butt.

kenwilliams was written on June 9, 2005

Cucumber Time!

Hot - hotter - the hottest! Female Masturbation as his BEST! Nearly Pornographic. And Charlotte Alexander is not only hot - she's gorgeous. A very beautiful young Woman. Nice Butt.

BushLeague was written on September 21, 2002

Cucumber moistening

She looks at some dirty pictures and gets horny. She starts to get undressed and slowly reveals breasts. She inserts a giant cucumber into her slot (not explicit). While she rolls around you see soft, but jutting milky breasts, nice big round firm ass, and the barest wisps of blonde pubic foliage. Afterwards we get a longer look of her completely nude back side and huge jutting ass and long thin legs. She puts some cloth over her pubes and we get a full frontal of tits down to legs.

rocco-rules was written on January 7, 2006

an explicit view for a frame or two

In the scene where she's about to masturbate with a cucumber, you get a frame or three of her vulva as she swings her legs over the bed, while getting into position to insert the vegtable. Get your finger ready on the pause button - if you bink, you'll miss it !

thefaceman32 was written on October 8, 2002

Masturbation - Gyno shot - Underage

NOTE: Actress is under 18 in this movie.

00:38:20 Tits, ass and a little bush as she uses a cucumber to pass the time.
(Masturbation - Gyno)

00:41:20 More nudity trying to finish off her orgasm...with her legs crossed.

00:43:20 Buns and breasts on the bed basking in the afterglow

slavedriver was written on May 16, 2003

Age indeterminable, but sexiness definite

Again, it's impossible to know her age just from looking at her. I believe Lise Danvers looks younger than this chick, but neither of them appear "under"age (by ridiculous, puritanical American standards that is). It's just like how those "barely legal" porn stars are actually around 20--they just LOOK young. Anyway, don't get worked up about the cucumber, you don't see anything but close-ups of her pulsating ass when she's humping it. Excellent moaning, though. Also has great tit and bush close-ups in the director's tradition. Unfortunately, hairy pits...GODDAMN IT!!!!

Cyclone was written on January 7, 2000

Fun with vegetables

Charlotte has a fairly lengthy scene where she has some fun with a cucumber. We get several looks at her breasts and butt, and there is also a brief glimpse or two of her bush. Could've been better, especially considering all of the shots that only showed her back, but still not bad.

Serna was written on October 11, 2000

Charlotte and cucumber

Charlotte appears in the second part of this four part film and has a super-sexy masturbation scene. She is locked in a room, takes off her clothes and has fun with a cucumber. There's close-ups of her breasts, her bum and her bush. And a lot of panting. It goes on for a long time and it's well-worth seeing.

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