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2000 Paranoid 1 Review
2000 Paranoid 1 Review
1980 Silent Scream 1 Review

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2000 Glasgow Kiss 1 Review

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Glasgow Kiss (2000)
Christoph was written on January 26, 2001

Walking naked from bed

In the first episode of this UK TV series, Glen is seen nude from the rear after exiting bed and walking toward the kitchen. Shot is a bit dark, but he looks incredible.

Paranoid (2000)
Ghostwords was written on May 14, 2013

Brief flash

Glen shows brief rear nudity as he exits a bedroom.

Paranoid (2000)
Ryan was written on October 3, 2000


Decent shot of his bare butt as his wife watches him in a mirror as he grabs a robe and leaves their bedroom late at night. It's from a bit of a distance and the lighting isn't bright but it's very clear otherwise and a fine look at his buns, which are pretty decent. He was fully nude (doing cartwheels no less) in London and on Broadway opposite Nicole Kidman in The Blue Room.

Silent Scream (1980)
MisterTeas was written on October 4, 2005

Just a note

Iain Glen is not in the 1980 horror film Silent Scream. He is in a totally unrelated film of the same name from 1990.

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