Berlin, Germany

Horst Buchholz's Sexy Filmography

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year title
1971 Savior, The 1 Review
1969 How, When And With Whom 1 Review
1957 Confessions of Felix Krull 1 Review

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Savior, The (1971)
Ozzie700 was written on March 16, 2002


I've only seen screen captures, but they depict a fully nude Horst and a woman romping through the forest and river. Nice, full butt, toned chest with interesting saucer-shaped nipples, and a very long piece of meat dangling between his legs.

How, When And With Whom (1969)
Ozzie700 was written on March 16, 2002

Great Ass

I've only seen vidcaps, but (I think this is the right film) he's hugging a nude woman, draped against her, with his shapely buttocks on full view.

Confessions of Felix Krull (1957)
rosebud was written on May 4, 2003

Army induction

OK, Horst Buchholz is naked during a scene in which he feigns epilepsy and other mental conditions to escape military service, but in the VHS version (the only version I was able to find) he is seen ony from the waist up. He later ask permission to put on his shirt because he is cold without it. When he falls to the floor later on, in feigning an epileptic seizure, it is clear that he has also put on his underwear because otherwise we would have been treated to a view of his buns.

For those who are interested, there is much suggested gay content in this movie, men remarking on Mr. Buchholz's beauty, a male co-worker who kisses him frequently on the forehead (although this wouldn't have been unusual in Europe, especially at the time portrayed in this movie) and, more explicitly, a Scottish nobleman who offers him a position as "valet" for 3 times his present salary, suggesting that he could adopt Horst and that he'd be the next Count of that castle. Horst later reviews to himself his romantic possibilities with three people, including the Scottish nobleman, with no sign of judgment on his part, and treats the nobleman with respect when he declines the offer, earning a ring with a large jewel from the nobleman. Nevertheless, we see nothing but his upper torso. Presumably the other name listed as being a "nude" appearance in this movie is another man who is coming out of his examination at the army induction. He is naked, but shown only from the waist up, and not nearly as pretty as the young Horst Buchholz.

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