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year title
1982 Zapped! 1 Review
1982 Let's Do It! 1 Review

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Zapped! (1982)
tushlover was written on May 25, 2006

Two movie "extra's lose their clothes!

Two very cute guys pick on Scott Baio's character in the movie, so he uses his magic powers to strip them naked and float them around in the air until they end up hanging from a tree limb with their bare butts in full view for a few seconds. Both of these guys have nice butts and really cute faces.

Let's Do It! (1982)
bmg was written on January 15, 2000

Frontal and rear

This hunky actor (who only did a few bad films in the mid-80's) is nude quite a bit in this film, including a dream sequence in which runs around nude as Adam.

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