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year title
1998 Trio, Das 2 Reviews
1998 Solo for Clarinet 3 Reviews
1997 Rossini 1 Review
1993 Ich und Christine 0 Reviews

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Trio, Das (1998)
Absalon was written on December 26, 2004

caught by his daughter after trying to have sex

Oh, what could we say about Götz George. He's a mature but very sexy man, and also he acts very well. In this film, George shows his masculine, perfectly formed ass when his daughter tries to make love with the boyfriend of them both, because he had been taking a sensual shower with him before she arrives. We just see his buttocks because he is covering his body with a towel (what a pity!). However, although it's a sort scene and it's not very erotical (he's having a discussion with her daughter) I rate it 3 because he appears kissing the other male in the shower and that:
a)I said 'Wow' because it seems real for a straight actor.
b) The kisses are very, very, very sensual.

Cobain was written on March 1, 2002

Nude after shower with his gay lover

Gotz George is an german actor, he is very handsome for his age. He show it al in this movie. He takes a shower with his gay lover, then he runs out of it as his daughter and the woman who wash at the hotel comes. As he wants to hide the fact that he is gay from his daughter, he stay in the shower, and that other guy (who has a full frontal) pretends to be alone. His daugher finds out the truth, and then Gotz comes out naked with a towel covering his dick. U can see his butt, and at a time his dick as he reaches for something, very nice scene by this macho man !

Solo for Clarinet (1998)
Absalon was written on October 24, 2004

with the prostitute

After he's left by his wife, Götz George decides to call a prostitute. He has a shower and when he's with the prostitute he shows his tool, masturbates and finally penetrates her. He can't go on because of his pain and he stops. He rests in bed and we can see his perfectly formed ass and when the prostitute tries to steal him, at the point he hits her you can almost see his beautiful, grandiose penis dancing. In addition, he is a very handsome man, very masculine and virile.

Absalon was written on October 24, 2004

getting closer to corinna

This scene is beautiful. This is the first time the 2 protagonists have sex in the film. You can see the masculine Götz George doing a frontal when he surprises the female character in the kitchen. It's very dark, as the whole scene but it's very pretty and very, very sensual.

dvdcollector was written on January 28, 2003

Full Frontal in two scenes!

Götz George is one of the most well-known of German actors and in this film he appears completely nude twice. Once, in a scene where he is about to have sex with a prostitute, we see a full frontal where he even plays with his penis on camera before lying down on top of her to have rough sex. At this point, we also see him from the rear.

Later in the film, we see him naked in the kitchen with Corinna Harfouch, with whom he also has sex. Again, we get a view of his fairly nice penis. Overall the rating for this film would have been higher if George were younger. Still, for sixty (his age when he made this film) he looks quite good.

Rossini (1997)
dvdcollector was written on January 9, 2003

Two nude scenes by aging but still young-looking actor

Two nude scenes by Götz (not Gotz) George, an actor who has been in films since the 1950s or 1960s but still looks reasonably young. The first scene is distant and poorly lit -- he is in bed with a woman but has trouble getting an erection. In the second scene, he gets out of bed and walks to a window. In this scene we get a full view of his buttocks.

Ich und Christine (1993)

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