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Brigitte Bardot
LeroyBrown was written on April 11, 2003

Butt scene a couple of time.

Film that created a legend. She showed her butt a couple of time first while sunbathing and she was visited by Kurt Jurgens actually just side of the buns. Next was when she had sex with her husband after their weddng night. She was seen through a sheer piece of cloth almost gauze like thin which was the sail for a model sailboat. Her full backside was seen and so was the side of her breast but it look like it was shot through gauze.

voyeur was written on February 1, 2002

No scenes where she even shows a breast

There was a huge amount of scandal when this move came out and she was hyped as the first sex kitten, but in fact every time you would have expected her to show something, there was a cutaway to another scene, where she wasn't nude either.

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