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Paula Bacon
Juliet Aubrey
lattara was written on March 18, 2001

Boobs and behind in sex scene

Juliet is a classy-looking British actress who seems to have spent much of her career playing proper Victorian ladies, so it was lovely to see her naked here, even though it meant sitting through a really dull film to do so as the sex scene is right near the end of this unfunny undramatic comedy drama. Juliet is on top for most of the scene (a couple of minutes) and completely nude. We have a good long unobstructed view of her full round breasts with their large pink-brown areolae - they look good when she's sitting up and great when she leans forward. We also get a side view of her bottom, but no muff (obscured by position and/or shadow). The scene is a little underlit but not to the extent that it obscures any of Juliet's lithe rangy figure.

Joe McGann
ravenboy was written on July 18, 2003

Manly Hairy body

Vidcaps show nice, manly hairy frontal nudity. Full, but not particularly fat or sloppy body. Warnings away from the movie abound.

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