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Ashley St. Jon
Immy was written on October 11, 2006


Ashley looks great in this T&A exercise video. She's the first of six girls to shows her boobs (0:21, pulling down her leotard top in a small inset video clip). At 0:22 she does a 2-minute topless routine that resembles exaggerated tai-chi. Regardless, she looks good doing it. Then at 0:33 she and the other girls are topless on their back doing pelvic thrust exercises. At 0:47 all the girls are finally nude (but wearing leg warmers) working on their legs. Her best routine is at 0:50 when she and another girl do some aerobics fully nude for three minutes. Great boob bouncing and nice crotch shots. Once it's over everyone's chilling nude in the jacuzzi. Champagne is poured, both into glasses and onto bodies, and the whole scene is playfully sexy. A classic!

Kitten Natividad
Immy was written on October 11, 2006


The bountiful Kitten didn't let the 80s excercise craze go by without hosting her own sexy version. She and five other girls do a variety of exercises and as the show goes on, the workout clothes come off. Kitten's first skin comes at 0:27. A small inset video clip shows her peeling out of her red and white leotard. From this point on she's topless until her first nude solo routine (0:41). She's standing doing arm exercises, at one point scissoring her boobs together (wow!). She slowly rotates and we get a first look at her butt. She stays nude, apart from occasional leg warmers, for the rest of the 60-minute video. It culminates in a very sexy group jacuzzi featuring all six girls nude with champagne being passed around. Top notch stuff!

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