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Marguerite Moreau
FilmCritic was written on March 23, 2005

DVD Version

7:50 (1sec) blurry side of left breast in mirror as she puts top on. 8:52 (7frames) right breast, 8:58 (5sec) side view both breasts, 9:06 (10 frames) right breast in bed having sex with John (Naveen Andrews). 15:08 (5frames) left nipple (side of breast shown a little longer) from distance having sex with John again. 18:17 (3sec) taking shirt off which exposes both breasts, 18:39 (29sec) backing up exposing right breast, 19:08 (1sec) both breasts before covering them up with her hands and then exposing them at 19:10 (1sec) to cover them up with pants, as John tells her he's going back to his previous girl (among two best scenes). 1:09:50 (5sec) alternating from right to left breast, 1:10:05 (10frames) left nipple can barely be made out, 1:10:07 (27sec) left nipple followed by both breasts then right breast which ends up off then on camera, 1:10:46 (10sec) right breast as she has sex with Mick (Brian F. O'Byrne) (other best scene). 1:12:23 (10frames) right breast as she rolls over onto Mick, 1:12:40 (11frames) left nipple as she sits up, 1:12:42 (12sec) rear view of butt, 1:13:06 (2sec) left breast, 1:13:34 (couple quick shots of top of left areola), 1:13:48 (20frames) left breast as she has sex with Mick again. For those of you who can't understand how guys can like small breasts, here's a good example why.

thefaceman32 was written on January 26, 2004


Five minutes in, Margeurite Moreua shows her pert little titties for a few seconds while having sex in bed with Naveen Andrews. Thirteen minutes in, shows the funbags again for a few seconds more, while having more sex on the floor with the same dude. At 22 minutes, topless Margeurite talks in bed for about 60 seconds. At 72 minutes, another few minutes of topless fun, with a few seconds of ass thrown in, as Margeurite enjoys a long sex scene in a blue motel room with Brian F. O'Byrne. An anonymous bare-breasted babe also turns up in a wall-wide photo for a few seconds at the 60-minute mark

mamlvr was written on September 25, 2005

several nude scenes

Her nudity is very natural. It is sexier because it seems to come so easily. There is no pretention that the scene was made up just so she could be naked. She is comfortable being naked and communicates this in her acting. In one scene she covers herself up when she realizes the man she is with isn't emotionally interested in her. This is very real and adds to the credibility of her character. She is also very cute.

thefaceman32 was written on May 17, 2004


That has got to be the worst post yet in the database instead of in the forum. Unfortunately no one cares anymore about the database.

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on February 28, 2005

Not worth the wait

Im gonna give it a three cause i love this girl but damn at least show us a head on shot.You got a couple good side views and some of her laying on her back.The sex scenes werent good at all no touching what so ever.Kinda of a let down but who thought she wouldve stepped up and did nudity anyway guess thats what happens when mighty ducks is your break through roll

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 15, 2004


PLEASE post how i can see this movie im a big fan of this little slut

Emily Deschanel
Ghostwords was written on July 4, 2012


No nudity as such, but she's wearing a tight top and there's a little cleavage as the guy behind her reaches around and squeezes her right breast.
Screengrab: http://www.celebritymoviearchive.com/tour/movie.php/12548.

Naveen Andrews
Hamm_Sodomy was written on February 27, 2009

South Asian booty!

Hello! Don't forget the male nudity! Near the start the main character and Naveen have sex. You see his delicious brown booty as he thrusts into her. He has hairy legs and chest for added scrumptiousness.

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