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2001 Going Greek 1 Review
1999 Rage: Carrie 2, The 4 Reviews

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Going Greek (2001)
atom was written on September 4, 2003

sorority girls autograph Bruno's butt in public

In a fifteen-second scene, male lead Dylan Bruno pulls down his gym shorts in a public area of his college campus so that two sorority girls can sign their autographs. The butt is already covered with other signatures. Bruno is beefy and well-built (he plays a former Notre Dame football star), a kind of generic hunk. His other major sex scene--in which he strips naked so that his girlfriend can mold a sculpure of him--doesn't show his body below the waist.

Rage: Carrie 2, The (1999)
MaleCeleb was written on April 9, 1999

humiliation scene

This scene is hardly worth mentioning, unless, I suppose, you're a die-hard fan of Dylan Bruno or you're really into humiliation scenes. The cocky antagonist is at a football team meeting and the coach forces him to stand up in front of the other players and drop his pants. The coach then bends over and looks for a tampon string. You sort of see the side of his ass at this point, and when he pulls up his pants you do get a quick flash of a close-up of his ass (mostly side view, but not totally), with a football movie projected over it. Ass is okay -- big, round, jock-y, lasts for a second, okay for pausing, but not worth it if you're looking for something really good.

MaleCeleb was written on April 9, 1999

locker room scene

Forgot to mention a later locker room scene in which Bruno and Jason London fight -- assorted extras wander around with their bare backsides exposed. These few extras will keep your attention more than the weak movie. Not the best locker room scene, but better than the aforementioned Bruno scene, especially if you're into locker rooms. This scene could conceivably do the trick for you.

guywatcher was written on September 11, 2000

side view of butt

You don't get a good view of his butt. Coach makes him drop his pants in front of entire football team while watching films of previous games. You get a side view of his beefy butt. It is dark in the room and the film is being projected on him as well so alittle hard to see. As he pulls his pants back up, you see alittle more of his butt. The guy is hot in a jocky sort of way.

ctgte was written on May 19, 2012


Bruno's coach makes him drop his pants in front of the team so he can inspect his butt!

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