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Duet for One's Sexy Actresses

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Andrews, Julie 4 Reviews

Duet for One's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

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Julie Andrews
ff was written on April 27, 2004

several scenes

the first scene is when she is washing herself in the sink you get to see her right breast down her blouse. then she starts to collapse and you can clearly see her breasts through her wet blouse. the second scene you see her breasts while lying in bed then she rolls over and you get to see her ass briefly. the third scene she gets some pills from the medicine cabinet you get to see her nipples poking. then she goes to the TV and drinkining pills with her nipples still poking then she passes out. she wakes up pukes on her blouse and her right breast is clearly visible.

MovieEddie was written on April 3, 1999

One sexy lady

There was always a lot more to Julie Andrews than Mary Poppins and Maria Von Trapp. In this 1986 flick, Julie gives a wrenching performance as a dying musician. And her nude scene with Liam Neeson is very sexy; Julie has beautiful breasts, and--radiant as she was in the '60s--she has matured into one gorgeous woman.

MovieBuff was written on January 15, 1999

Topless lying in bed and brief bare butt when she rolls off of the bed.

Topless lying in bed and brief bare butt when she rolls off of the bed.

Chad was written on October 21, 1998


Who on earth WANTS to see Mary Poppins naked?! What was she thinking? Horrible!

Liam Neeson

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