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Stillo, Janine 1 Review
Kruis, Julia 1 Review
Hall, Gabriella 1 Review

Double Your Pleasure's Sexy Actors

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St. James, Chris 1 Review
McQuay, John 1 Review
Donovan, Robert 1 Review

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Janine Stillo
MikeF was written on January 21, 2000

Sex for the camera

Janine and her husband are adult film performers. They have sex for the camera in a movie within the movie. Janine is all natural and this seems to please her husband because he can't seem to keep his hands off her tits. The husband has an on-camera sex scene later in another scene within a movie and Janine gets jealous. His other co-star is called Judy several times, but this name does not appear in the end credits. I would really like to know who Judy is.

Julia Kruis
MikeF was written on January 21, 2000

Doggie style

I cannot really say for certain if Julia is naturally big titted or if her doctor just did a very good job. She seems to bounce naturally and they squeeze under her partner's hand. This is another long scene for this movie. Julia and her man do it doggie, mish, and cowgirl style. Like all the other scenes in this flick, everyone is clearly totally nude (although just brief glimpses of lower frontal nudity are seen), the ladies spread their legs wide, the guys' bare asses pump hard, and there is plenty of squeezing and sucking on mammeries. I might suspect this to be an edited triple-x except Gabriella Hall and Janine Stillo are soft-core regulars.

Gabriella Hall
MikeF was written on January 14, 2000

Gabriella Hall

Gabriella invites two guys separately up to her hotel room then tells them she wants a threesome and the three strip for action. Gaby has a moderately augmented rack. Overall, she is a very attractive lady. She lies on her back and both guys nuzzle her boobs. The middle segment shows her with one guy on his back and Gaby sitting up, legs spread, gyrating her ass on his crouch. The second guy pays attention to her upper body, feeling her up and kissing her nipples. At last, the three sit in bed talking, still nude, Ms. Hall still showing off her gorgeous talents. The scene lasts over three minutes.

Chris St. James
yowza was written on September 20, 1999

Buns in a 3-Way

He's a casino dealer who gets tricked into a threeway with a woman and another male dealer. Both men briefly show their buns during the love scene, but the emphasis is on the woman. Chris has the better ass of the two guys - round, firm and muscular.

John McQuay
Derek was written on November 3, 1998

Love scene

Nice ass shots of handsome and well built actor in a threesome involving a woman and another man (no homosexual context). Shots are rather oblique, but satisfying.

Robert Donovan
Derek was written on January 5, 2000

Love scene

The ubiquitous Donovan does yet another great love scene. This guy is showing up everywhere, and if you've ever harbored fantasies about the Professor on Gilligan's Island, well this guy should satiate your tastes!

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