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Crustacés et Coquillages' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Tedeschi, Valeria Bruni 1 Review

Crustacés et Coquillages' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Torres, Romain 2 Reviews
Collin, Edouard 3 Reviews
Bonnaffé, Jacques 2 Reviews
Barr, Jean-Marc 2 Reviews

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Valeria Bruni Tedeschi
lattara was written on March 9, 2006

Multiple breast views

I counted 6 topless appearances for this still-shapely mature actress. The first is a brief breast reveal in dim light when she takes a shower after a late night assignation with her lover; the second follows immediately after when she climbs into bed with her husband and her breasts are revealed in better light for a little longer. Later there is a sex scene with the husband where her breasts can be briefly seen again during and after. The fourth scene is the best; her lover undresses her among some rocks at the beach, pulling down her red swimsuit to reveal firm mid-sized pink-nippled breasts. We see them in bright light for a good while as her lover heads south. There are then a couple of further brief "natural nudity" flashes of nipple when she is in bed at night.

Romain Torres
dvdcollector was written on February 17, 2007

Butt through shower door

Not as good as the other nudity in this film, but the actor is reasonably handsome. We get one glimpse of his butt through a foggy shower cabin. Nice shape, as far as one can see.

tza was written on February 3, 2011


10' into the movie Charly as he is known in the movie is having a shower...he is suppose to be masturbating and his mother walks into the bathroom. u get a good clear scene of his ass through the shower screen.on star just for the scene..not my cup of tea.

Edouard Collin
dvdcollector was written on February 17, 2007

Very handsome actor shows butt

Best-looking actor in the film shows his best friend his stiff penis - but we see him only from behind. Also there is a shower scene where again we see him from behind, but with a glass shower stall in the way. The penis in this scene is prosthetic. Despite the lack of frontal nudity, this performance deserves four stars because the actor is so handsome and has such a beautiful butt!

Mortie was written on May 22, 2014

Good nudity; great movie

A superb example of French farce at its most extravagant.

Béatrix (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi) and Marc (Gilbert Melki) are planning a summer vacation for their family on the French Riviera. But both have secret agendas, to meet up with old flames in the seaside village where they will be holidaying.

Meanwhile, Béatrix - whose "gaydar" is obviously a bit erratic - has convinced herself that their son, Charly (Romain Torres), is gay; also, that he is having an affair with a gay school-friend, Martin (Edouard Collin). So she does what any loving mother would do in the circumstances: she invites Martin to join the family for their vacation, where Martin will (naturally) have to share a bedroom with Charly. Marc is not entirely convinced that this is such a good idea, but he is over-ruled.

There is only one problem with Béatrix's plan. Charly, though very gay-friendly in a 21st Century metrosexual kind of way, is not actually gay. And, although Martin clearly has the hots for Charly, the attraction is not reciprocated.

As the movie develops, each of Charly and Martin spend a lot of time in the shower, doing what teenaged boys do in the shower, though with the added frisson of Martin being keen to catch a furtive glimpse of Charly's ablutions. All that Béatrix becomes aware of, however, is the physical horseplay and other overt interactions, in fact perfectly innocent, but which she stubbornly misinterprets as gay sex, and greets with knowing smiles. At the same time, Béatrix - who is not herself enjoying a rewarding physical relationship of her own with Marc - skives off for some liaisons dangereuses with her old boyfriend.

Well, Martin gets a bit tired of Charly's lack of interest in playing "hide the salami" - not to mention his tiresome habit of firmly closing the bathroom door when he retires for an extended soak under the shower - and decides to hit a local cruising ground. Which is fine, except that he meets up with an older man who turns out to be ... wait for it ... Didier (Jean-Marc Barr), the ex-lover of Charly's father, Marc.

tza was written on February 3, 2011

in the shower and out of bed

Edouard is having a shower and also suppose to be wanking...we see him "playing with his penis" through the shower screen but if u pay attention u can see his just acting...u can see a shadow of his dick flaccid.in the next scene he gets out of bed and he gives us a good view of his teen hairy ass. all that happens 40' into the movie.

Jacques Bonnaffé
Hamm_Sodomy was written on May 20, 2009

French penis and booty

A male bimbo steps out of a bush and shows his penis. It's quick, but it's clearly his. Later, you see his butt behind a shower screen as he is with his married lover. Some may be unattracted to this middle-aged man. However, if you like hairy chests on balding guys, you should like him. He has nothing to be ashamed of.

tza was written on February 3, 2011

outside the house

Jacques plays Beatrix's (Valeria) secret lover...30' into the movie he calls her and asks her to go out...he is hidding behind the plant. if u stop and freeze the picture you can see his big uncut cock...u can see him naked again behind the shower screen towards the end of the movie...then u can see how long his dick is although its a bit dark and behind the shower scree. 3 starts cause he showed more than any1....

Jean-Marc Barr
dvdcollector was written on February 17, 2007

Nice butt - getting out of bed

Displays a nice butt and a hint of penis when he gets out of bed. Somewhat older, but still in good shape.

tza was written on February 3, 2011

getting out of bed

i find Jean a very sexy and attractive male actor....he plays a gay plumper and towards the end of the movie he is getting out of bed..around 83' into the movie...u can see his pubes and then his cute ass....he is also a great kisser...as u can see from the movie.

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