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Rodger, Kate 2 Reviews
Hall, Gabriella 1 Review
Beaman, Lee Anne 1 Review
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Club VR's Sexy Actors

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Todd, Russell 2 Reviews

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Kate Rodger
Bootydaddy was written on April 12, 2002

Many many scenes

The other reviewer was soo right, she does seem disinterested in most of her scenes. Many shots of her breasts and ass...your typical B-movie...hell a b-movie is generous.

Chicago was written on November 13, 2001

8 scenes

At :11.75-:13, Kate has some of the worst, disinterested sex with her boyfriend of 1 yr. I've ever seen. She unhooks her bra in the front giving you a view of her pert breasts and drops her panties (ass). Thinking the lack of excitement was going to continue, she was redeemed with most of her other scenes, as she apparently awakens sexually in a couple, and gives us plenty of views of her in all...unfortunately, only of her breasts and ocassionally her ass. At :32.5, she has a 1 min. messy erotic food sex scene with the guy where he rips off her t-shirt (gently removes his own tho), lays her on the kitchen floor and squirts whipped cream on her (and other products). Good shots of her nips erect, including a nice lick. At :35.75-:37, Kate strips to put on the virtual reality suit...breasts and ass with plaenty of good views as her panties come off and hanging breasts as she's bending over to squeeze on the suit. At :42.5-:44.25, Kate is sexing the guy hard in their sleigh bed, banging it on the wall, as the carry-over effects of the VR session are taking effect...breasts mostly, and ass. When she rolls over, she rubs down her body, still aroused and can't stop the excitement, giving NICE close-ups of her breasts/nips. Pasty over the pubes stinks. At :45.5, she's getting out of the bed and gives a brief breast flash. At 1:08-1:08.75, Kate has sex with the guy outside on the lawn in daylight...breast close-ups, VERY erect pyramid-like nipples!, and ass (as she's rolling over). At 1:12.75 and 1:15.5, she has two 20 sec. views of her taking off her shirt and changing...breasts. Breasts are hand-cup sized.

Gabriella Hall
Chicago was written on November 13, 2001

1 scene + repeat scene

I can't get enough of Gabriella and her fantastic bod, and every scene is way too short. At :04-:05.5, Gabriella unzips her black outfit and releases her wonderful breasts and large areola. She's seated on the counter (ass also) before they go to the floor. Good breast shots, including some with erect nipples (which pale in length to Kate's) before disappearing. Gabriella's final scene comes as the last in the movie at 1:21.25-1:22.25 which is a shorter version and near duplicate of the first as Kate Rodger looks on.

Lee Anne Beaman
mister_t was written on October 12, 2008

Sex in the spa

The scene starts in the pool: Lee Anne gets out of it to get rid of her bikini and her pants. You can clearly see her nice breasts and her pubic hair. Then she walks over to the spa where she has sex with the guy she met in the pool :-) Lots of views of Lee Anne from almost every angle... She's very very hot. The whole scene is watched by a fully clothed Kate Rodger... It's VR...

Erika Anderson
Russell Todd
Ozzie700 was written on June 24, 2001

Backside and Speedo

Russell's first and last scene in the movie involves his muscluar buttocks in a VR program which ends his life. Much better to look at than his performance, but he also has a Speedo scene walking out of a pool, and that's just as good. Very hot for his age.

Derek was written on March 26, 1999

Love scene

Nice shots of handsome actor's round butt. Long anticipated by many back in the 80's. A welcom sight in the 90's.

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